Peace Spreader By: Nikki and Kaylin


Mayerly was a 16 year old girl. Who lives in Soacha,Colombia. When Mayerly was 8 years old, she was on a roof top and she fell off. From this fall she fractured her skull, her family couldn't afford the correct X-rays Mayerly needed to survive. This made her realize how bad the economy was in her time period. Mayerly's best friend Milton was stabbed in a gang fight and was killed. This changed her life forever.

What inspired her....

Mayerly was inspired by her best friend. When Milton was stabbed by a gang fight, it made her realize how bad peace has spread apart. This made her want to try to spread peace is so many ways in Soacha. Gangs would get worse every day. They would steal kids pencils, money, lunches,etc. on there way to school. She wanted to try to stop this non sense because it was getting really bad.

About Milton

Milton was Mayerley's best friend who was stabbed by trying to stop a gang fight when she was only 12 years old. He is still remembered today.

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Her enviroment/Neighborhood

Soacha is poor settlement with dirt roads and low cement houses most of them are made no more than cardboard and plastic sheeting. It is basically the slums with so many group gangs. She lives with her mom and dad and her grandparents visited often.
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As you can see, in the picture the houses dont look like the houses that we live in. These houses is what Mayerly's house looked like. Still today the houses look like this and there is nothing they can do because there is very low money in Soacaha

What she is looking for

This 16 year old girl in the future is looking for peace. She came to live in Colombia but she came looking for a nice place with a happy neighborhood and a nice houses. Instead she came to a pace that has no peace and its an uncomfortable place. All she wants in the future is for Soacha to be filled with happiness and peace.

What She Did to Help Her Country

Mayerly started a group with her friends called Children Movement For Peace, and World Vision. Mayerly and her friend, Monica were the Representative of the Soacha group. Once this group got more known, eventually Mayerly went to schools to try to get kids to vote if they wanted peace.The vote was for peace. It doesn’t necessarily mean that its going to change because people just voted for it. It was just to show how many people and even children want peace She kept on trying to go to schools to spread the word. She has gone to Europe, America, Panama, Venezuela, and New Zealand There were so many kids that voted and it was announced on television of how many voters there were.who voted and by doing this Mayerly taught the adults a lesson because Kids tried to do something about the gangs and Soacha but the adults didn't try. The UNICEF comity got involved with Mayerly and what she has done to spread peace. Mayerly made a HUGE difference.
Social project in Soacha - Colombia


This video shows how Soacha Colombia looks like today. It talks about the pollution and violence that still goes on.


Today even adults have voted. What Mayerly did helped, but peace in Soacha Colombia is still a huge problem. Children and Adults suffer from things that we may take advantage of like, Grocery stores, Shelter, School, Friends and family, ect. There is an association called United Nations Children's Fund. This association tried to get adults to support Citizen’s Mandante which is basically a group to try to stop kidnapping, murdering, gangs, etc.
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