Jobs in the Newspaper

By Dave Y.

The Newspaper

Though you may think the newspaper only has a few simple jobs, its got a lot of jobs that make it what it is.

The Different Jobs


This guy is basically the boss of the newspaper staff. He assigns stories to his staff to write in the newspaper, along with the section editors. He oversees the production of a newspaper and reviews it. In order to become an editor-in-chief, you need good writing skills and leadership skills.

Managing Editor

The one who helps the Editor-in-Chief decide what content to include in each issue. This person also designs the layout of the paper. In order to be a managing editor, you would need to be able to work under pressure and manage many projects at once.

Copy Editor

The person who proofreads the whole paper. This guy edits the copy for everything to fit the layout. In order to be a copy editor, you must be a journalist first. The copy editor has the authority to rewrite, and he captions the pictures.

News, Opinion, Feature, and Sports Editors

These guys are in charge of their sections. They read and edit the sections before it goes through the copy editor. For this job, you would need good grammar, creativity, and communication skills.

Photo/Graphics Editor

This is the person in charge of reviewing all the pictures in the newspaper. This person works on reviewing and editing the photos and graphics to fit the format. In order to get this job, you would need an educational history in art and photography.

Business Manager

The one who manages the money of the newspaper. This guy is in charge of the marketing, the salaries, and the budget. You would probably have to be very organized and good at math for this.

Advertising Manager

The one who determines the layout of advertisements. He sells advertisement spots, and designs some ads.

Paperboy (Or Newspaper Delivery)

The well-known paperboy. This guy's job is fairly simple. He maps out the area and distributes using the papers using the environment to his advantage.