Thornton Creek Kids' Club News!

November 2013

Kids' Club Happenings...

Throughout the past month we have been focusing on collaborating with the school to implement the positive behavior support. We have a color chart for behavior in Kid's Club, just as each classroom does during the school day. We have a baseball theme for our color chart. We are also passing out 'gator bucks' during Kids' Club hours.

We are also encouraging children to get their homework done at Kids' Club. The children decided they would like a homework table in the cafeteria, at snack. So, they are able to get started on their homework right away when we are at snack.

The children have been very busily finger weaving in both lower-el and upper-el. They have created some very beautiful scarves and are now beginning to branch off and get more creative and make headbands, belts, and many other items.

Important Reminders

If your child is not going to come to Kids' Club on a day that they are regularly scheduled to attend, please send a note. If we do not receive a note, we will tell them to come to Kids' Club. You are able to send a note in a variety of different methods; email, send a note with your child to school, or write a note in the parent notebook in the Kids' Club classroom. Thanks for your cooporation! It is for the safety of the children!

Please remember that Kids' Club closes at 6:00 PM. Late charges are $1.00 per minute. Please be considerate of staff and pick your child up by 6:00 PM, many of our staff may have other committments, such as college classes, etc. and cannot be late.

Upcoming dates:

November 5: No school and No Kids' Club

November 14 & 15: 1/2 days of school. School dismissed at 11:55 AM. Extra Care Kids' Club for those that have pre-registered!

November 28 &29: No school and No Kids' Club- Thanksgiving break!