Lamaster's Line up

Here's what is happening in first grade...

This Week...

This week, we identified life lessons that we can learn from the books we are reading. During writer's workshop, we edited our sloppy copy of our Young Author's book and some of the students began writing the final copy of their book. In math, we reviewed telling time and also practiced deciding which is the minute hand and which is the hour hand. Next week, we will again review various math concepts such as number models and probability.

Field Trip to the Eco Lab

Math Homelinks for next week...

We have finished all the lessons in our math book, so I am spending the last few weeks reviewing and diving into some harder concepts. Feel free to complete any homelinks that we skipped in the math homelinks book.

Math Challenge Question

Here's the challenge:

Tyler weighs 9 pounds more than Frank. Frank weighs 18 pounds more than Nathan. Nathan weighs 120 pounds. How many pounds does Tyler weigh?

Important Dates:

We will be celebrating Theo and Kimaya's birthdays this month!

May 3 and May 8: NWEA Testing

May 10: Bike to School Day

May 19: Field Day

May 23: Young Author Celebration at 9:20am

May 26: Last Day of School

*We will focus on the lifelines Resiliency and Determination!

Mystery Readers

Here is our Mystery Reader schedule for October/November. If you signed up to be a Mystery Reader, you will need to complete a limited criminal history check on the ZCS website. Our Mystery Reader time is from 9:45-10:00am. You can bring a book from home that your child loves, but please don't tell your child if you are the Mystery Reader! This should be a surprise to even your child!

May 5 - Kelly Quick

May 12 - Nely Jeremiah

May 19 - Andrew Kusmierczyk