The solution to all of your problems

A Free Land for All

So different from the other lands this Minnesota is. You must come and see it for yourself. Vast prairies and huge forests, long rivers and gigantic lakes. This amazing territory will provide for all of your needs. You can be or do anything here.
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"Money has virtually no value in Minnesota"

No judgement will be given towards you in Minnesota. If you don't care, neither will they. Money has virtually no value when you are in Minnesota. The land sells for almost nothing. It's a new life. Many have taken this opportunity up and are now living free and happy. It's perfect place for anybody and everybody.

The Land Will Never Disappoint

Minnesota changes frequently and you will never grow bored with the view outside your window. With snow, rain, ice, rivers, lakes, prairies, and huge trees that can be found nowhere else. The soil is perfect for planting, plenty of wood for building, and space for everyone. You can live in a town or 20 miles away from anyone. If you want it, it's here.
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