Pit Bulls

They come with pros and cons of ownership.

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Pit bulls Pro's

"Baptist Johnson says in general pits are active dogs and they are great for joggers" They are sweet and loving family pets to have. Pros are their gentle loving creatures who love to exercise and play around. Hulk is an American pit bull and he is a great example of a family pet. He may be 175# but very gentle with his three year old best friend Jordan. They love to nap, sing, and with play with each other all the time.“Baptist Jonson said, that pits love making new people” Pit bulls will greet strangers with kisses, because they are so gentle it may be hard for them to be a guard dog. They love meeting new strangers."A dog is only as good as the owner," Marlon Grannon says since he's the owner of the 157# pit bull Hulk.

Pit Bull Facts:

1.Used for therapy dogs- The visit the senior care facilitys or helping someone recover from emotional accidents. They are also used for people with canser.

2. Popular in the early 1900's- Pit bulls were the mascot in both World War I and World War II.

3. They are not killing machines.

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THE HULK of ddkline & His brother singing a song!

Pit Bull Con's

“Baptist Johnson has said that pit-bulls are aggressive animals”. “Pits can get overly aggressive towards other animals. They were bred to fight and sometimes to even kill” (Johnson). So being an owner of a pit bull you have to look at the facts of owning one, because of the aggression towards others and the attention that they require. They are also very rambunctious around others and that could end up badly if it isn't controlled properly. “Baptist Johnson thinks that pits do need a lot of attention” They will get their exercise by destroying your things, so don't leave your pit bull home alone for along period of time. You have to make sure they do get their exercise all the time.

Pit Bull Myths

1. Locking Jaws- Pit-bulls don't lock their jaws when they bit down. You can compare they skull with any other dog and there is no difference.

2. Automatically vicious- Not all pits are vicious, it depends on how they were raised and who's the owner.

3. If a pit bull was never trained to fight, they would be safe with other dogs.

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