Climate Change

Concept, causes and efects.


It is called a climate change to the modification of the climate with regard to the climatic record to a global or regional scale. Such changes take place to very diverse time scales and on all the meteorological parameters: temperature, atmospheric pressure, rainfalls, cloudiness, etc. Theoretically, they are owed so much to natural reasons as anthropogenic (human reasons).

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There are a lot of greenhouse gases responsible for an additional warming of the atmosphere, which are produced of different forms by persons. The majority come from the combustion of fossil fuels of the cars, from the factories and from the production of electricity. The gas responsible for the majority of the warming is the carbon dioxide, also called CO2. Other contributors are the methane expelled from the dumps and from the agriculture (specially of the digestive systems of the animals that graze), nitrous oxide of the fertilizers, the gases used for the refrigeration and industrial processes, and of the loss of forests that of another form they would store CO2.

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The climate change is modifying our economy, our health and our communities of diverse forms. The scientists notice that if we do not put the brake substantially to the climate change now, the results probably will be disastrous.If the Earth warms , some of these important changes will occur:

  • Water expands when it warms and oceans absorb more heat that the Earth, the sea level will rise

  • The sea level will also increase due to the melting of glaciers and sea ice.

  • The cities of the coast would suffer floods.

  • Places in which normally it rains or snows very much might warm up and to dry off.

  • Lakes and rivers could dry off.

  • There would be more droughts so it would become more difficult to grow corn.

  • There would be less water available for agriculture, food production , for drinking or showering .

  • Many plants and animals would become extinct.

  • Hurricanes, tornadoes and storms caused by changes in temperature and evaporation of water would occur with more regularity.