Harper In-Person Updates


Week of September 8

We cannot wait for our students to join us at Harper in just a few days! Next week, students will be attending in-person class for one half-day. These days have been carefully planned to provide an opportunity for students to meet their classmates and teacher, practice arrival and dismissal procedures, and become accustomed to new safety routines and protocols at Harper.

  • HERE is the Harper Welcome Back Weeks Schedule. The rest of the week is remote-instruction.

  • 1st-4th grade students will be at Harper from 8:35-11:10am on their scheduled day with remote work in the afternoon.

  • AM Kindergarten students will be at Harper from 8:35-11:10 on their scheduled day.

  • KEEP39 will continue to run each day in the afternoon like normal.

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Arrival Procedures

(Steps to arriving at school in 2020-21)

  1. Check your child(ren)’s temperature at home before leaving, if possible. (Temperature will be checked at each entrance)
  2. Fill out the daily self-certification form for each child every morning. Hand the form to your child. This form is required to enter the school building.
  3. When you arrive at Harper, social distance and masks are required.
  4. HARPER ENTRANCE MAP: Students can be dropped off in front of the building and then will walk around to their assigned doors on the MAP. They wait in line socially distant apart. As they approach the doors, stand on the yellow dots.
  5. At the doors’ entrance, a supervisor will take the student’s temperature. Students drop the self-certification form in the bucket. Student walks into school.
  6. Students walk directly to their classroom.

--> See the video below that walks you through the arrival process!

** All adults and students must social distance and wear masks around the school!

** Dropping off, please follow proper car-line/traffic procedures (information HERE).

Entrance Procedures for Harper 2020-2021
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Dismissal Procedures

Steps to leaving school in 2020-21:

** All adults and students must social distance and wear masks around the school!

** Picking-up, please follow proper car-line/traffic procedures!

  1. Bus riders will be dismissed first.

  2. Classrooms stagger dismissal of bike riders and walkers. Students exit the same doors they entered. Students walk or ride home.

  3. Classrooms stagger dismissal of car riders. Students exit the same doors they entered. Car riders walk to the front of the school and wait by the north ramp supervised. Students socially distant the whole time.

* Please make sure your child knows how they will be dismissed each day.

* Kindergarten staff will make sure students see their parent/guardian.

* 1st grade staff will wait in the North field to make sure students see their parent/guardian.

Self-Certification Information

  • THE FORM is required to enter the school building.
  • This form must be filled out each morning by parents to certify that your child(ren) is symptom free.
  • Please print this form for the first day of school. In addition, we have provided paper copies in a box by the front doors of Harper that you may take from.

** If your child does not have their self-certification form or has a temperature above 100.4 degrees, they will be sent to the nurse in the tent in the back field to be checked again.

Face Masks

  • Students must wear a mask at school everyday.
  • Please send 2 extra masks daily with your student.
  • Practice at home: It will help with student transition back to school if parents continue to practice mask wearing at home. Ideas include during tv or movie time, cleaning their rooms, or doing remote work during school hours.

We do ask that students wear a face mask with loops around their ears. At this point, the CDC does not recommend use of face masks that have valves or vents. The CDC is also still evaluating the gaiter style masks and at this point does not recommend the use of gaiter style masks as a substitute for face masks. Here is more information from the CDC on choosing the best face mask.


Students will need:

  • Backpack with only necessary school supplies and iPad. Classroom teachers will provide more details.
  • Three masks
  • Water bottle (preferably with a straw)
  • Appropriate shoes for PE

Students will NOT need for this week:

  • Lunch

Other Information

  • There will be no snack this year.
  • Drinking fountains will be filling stations only. We encourage you to choose a bottle with a straw so that your child can drink their water with a mask on.
  • Students need to be able to independently take care of their own belongings. Please make sure they can take care of their shoes, any zippers and buttons, etc.
  • No toys or personal items should be brought to school. Just school supplies please!
  • We are not using lockers to begin the school year.
  • Students should wear sneakers so they can participate in gym. If they bring another pair of shoes, they have to keep them in their backpack.
  • No visitors in the school building this year.
  • Dropping off items, leave them at the table outside the main office.
  • Tech support: Email a support ticket here for support. We are working to get back to you as quickly as possible!

** More information about lunch and other procedures coming out next week!

** Parent Resource Guide: Pay close attention to the Health and Safety Page!


  1. Practice wearing a comfortable mask!

  2. Know the door to enter! (You may want to walk by the school this weekend to show your child which is their door)

  3. Only send the belongings you need!

  4. Know your teacher's name (and if possible room #). We will have staff in the halls directing students where to go.

  5. Make sure your child knows HOW they are being dismissed and WHERE to meet you! (Not directly in front of the school).

** Get prepared: HERE is a fun video made for OUR STUDENTS that discusses ALL about the new school year and many of the new procedures!

Reminders from Nurse Morse

  • Health FORMS: If you haven't submitted the health forms for your child please do so. All health forms can be found on the district website.
  • ATTENDANCE: Attendance is being taken as usual even while the students are remote learning. Please report any absences to Val Morse (morsev@wilmette39.org) or the safe phone line by 8:30am: 847-512-6250

Early Bird is Open

The D39 Before School Child Care Program, Early Birds, is ready for fall 2020! The website is up and the program is listed on the District 39 webstore.

We've modified the program to comply with the D39 COVID expectations, so it's very different this year. We will spend our time in the auditorium watching videos or reading. We hope to make it a safe and cozy spot for Early Birds to hang out before school starts. For more information, please see the revised parent handbook.

Pricing is different this year too. We are charging by the quarter and we will not have drop-in attendance. However, the 1st quarter fee was prorated to account for remote learning days during the welcome weeks.

Aaron Dubnow

Principal, Harper Elementary School

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