Computer Hardware

Henry Kennaway

Hard Drive HDD/SSD

A hard drive is a storage device storing many different things for example videos, music, documents and core progams such as windows.The hard drive is stored in the inside of a computer.The hard drive on the inside is a disc with a rotating arm.The rotating arm reads the information and writes the data down.You would usually find the hard drive in a large computer.

The SSD stands for solid state drive and is like a hard drive but there are a large amount of differences beteween the two such as the SSD's is lighter, thinner, more expensive, faster ,easier to play games and does not have any moving parts inside.You will probably find an SSD in a laptop, smartphone and a tablet.

The optical drive

Describing the optical drive

The optical drive is a piece of machinery which stores and reads optical disks or as we call it today CD's .There is also a new type of optical drives called blu-ray this can be installed in a PS3 because the blu-ray can store more information than a normal optical drive . A blu-ray disk also can be used in ultra thin laptops this blu-ray disk is used baecause it can save space and make it very thin.

Describing a monitor

A monitor is a visual guide to your eyes of what your computers information is showing you a monitor is usually improved by a HD screen.Computers have always got a monitor except for old ones this is to improve vision. A monitor is vital to every computer and if it breaks then the computer becomes useless.