Road to the Revoultionary War

By: Nicholas Maier

Have you ever wondered living with porphyria and seeming partially insanity? King George the 3rd did.

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The order of this presention will be King George 3rd, Boston massacre, Boston tea party Intolerable acts and the Minutemen.

King George the 3rd

King George was the King of Britian. He was in debt from the war with France so he raised the taxes on the colonies with laws like the tea act,stamp act and others to get britian out of debt.

The events he is connected to is the Boston Tea party, Stamp act, Sugar act, Intolerble acts. He is connected to all of these because he raised taxes and then sent tea over which caused the boston tea party, which lead to the intolerable acts and him punishing them with those laws.

The qualityes he had was that he had porphyria which made him look temporarily insane at times. He was also one of the youngest kings to rule.

Boston Massacure

The Boston Massacure happened on march 5th of 1770. Death of 5 colonists. The british soldiers were there to hold order and stop outrage instead they created pandemonium and an all out brawl between citizens and the soldiers.

The Boston Massacure came after boycottes and was before the committees of correspondence formed.

The key people that were involved were John Adams, british soldiers and colonists. The consiquences of the massacure is the tenseness between the colonist and the british and 5 deaths of innocent people.

Boston Tea Party

Thursday, Dec. 16th 1773 at 10pm

Boston Harbor, Boston, MA, United States

Boston, MA

The Tea Party happened on December 16th 1773. Governor Thomas Hutchinson allowed three ships with tea to go to boston harbour. Before tax collection the people of boston dressed as native americans stormed the ships on a december night. They threw more than 342 chest of tea off the ships all of it was gone.

The Tea Party was after the tea act and then the intolerable acts responded to the tea party.

The people that were involved were the colonist, Sons of Liberty organized it, King George because he passed the tea act.

The consaquences of the tea party were the intolerable acts punishing the colonist for what they did in laws.

Intolerble Act

The act was raising taxes and no representation (acting on behalf of someone or the state of being so represented.) with britain. This was from the Boston Tea party punishing massachusetts colonists. Then britain passed many acts trying to bring the colonies back to the king's control. Started 1774.

The intolerable acts happened after the tea party and before the first congregational congress.

The key people who were in the act was King George and all the colonist and thte sons of liberty.

The consequences were the colonist refusing to pay which lead up to John Patricks speech "give me liberty or give me death" which than lead to Pual Revere's ride and than the war.


Minutemen were a hand pick elite force that was from the militia. The militia was different from the minutemen, the militia protected their towns while the minutemen were a proven force.

The key people that were involved were the colonists and the milita.

They are considered a corporation because they formed to protect the colonist and fight for one cause.

They were the main fighting force in the war, they were trained and elite to protect the colonies.

The British soldiers were frightened by the minutemen because they moved quickly and could attack them fast.


Everything had a domino affect on each other and when a boycott started the british responded but than the colonist responded with something more and that's how it all lead up to the war.

In the end the colonist would rather have death than be controlled as the saying of John Patricks "Give me liberty or give me death"

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