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Staff and Partner Bulletin February 10, 2016

This Week at REA

The Week in the REA Community .

Monday, February 8, 2016 (A Day)

8:30-9:25- Hunter in Orange Pod First Floor

No School

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 (B Day)

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Orange Pod Second Floor

Snow day

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 (A Day)

7:45: ILT - Cancelled rescheduled for February 17th due to low attendance

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Green Pod Second Floor

Data Meetings- with Eileen Diamond

After School 2nd and 3rd Cooking class

Whiz Kids

7:00 JV and Varsity Basketball At Shroder

Thursday, February 11, 2016 (A DAY)

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Blue/Yellow Pod Second Floor

8:00- PSC Committee

9:00 Caseload Meeting with Special Ed Team

2:30 Weekly High School Meeting- Ms. White, Ms. Green, Mr. Thomas

4:00 LSDMC Meeting

Friday, February 12, 2016 (B Day)

No School Learning Teams
7:00 JV Varsity Basketball VS Jefferson
Saturday, February 13, 2016

Next Week At REA

Next Week:

Monday: No Students- President's Day. School is closed

Tuesday: 8:15 Lead Teachers (team leaders) to discuss Student Led Conferences

Tuesday: Curriculum Council Meetings

Tuesday: Reading with Principal- Cancelled

Tuesday: Myers out at 12:30 for a Superintendent Meeting

Wednesday: 7:45 ILT

Wednesday: Data Meetings

Wednesday: 3:00 Principal Meeting for 21st Century Grant- Mayerson

Thursday: Principal Leadership Myers out of building

Friday: Myers out of building by 1:30 to meet with Dr. Lofton

Learning Teams Banked Time Friday, February 12th

Please keep in mind that if you were absent or did not attend Learning Teams, you must work in some capacity on February 12th or take some kind of leave. This is important to take care of. The time that we spend in Learning Teams is banked time. If you do not deposit, you cannot withdraw.

Dr. Harris and Mr. Dearwester are both out today. Additionally, Ms. Hudson-Estepp is out today due to training.

Interview Team

We are likely to have at least one position for interviewing purposes for the 16-17 school year. We need teachers to sit on an interview team. We will work around schedules, but we are trying to interview all like candidates at one time and make it a one and done and complete the process at one time. Lead Teachers must serve on the team, but we are interested in other teachers joining. The one and done may last as late as 6:00 depending upon how many candidates. If you are interested in being on the team, please contact Mrs. Myers through email. Thanks for your time in helping with this project.

Job Fair - February 20th

Since we have at least one opening, we are seeking some great candidates at the Job Fair. The Job Fair is at Woodward High School on Feburary 20th at 11:00. If you are able to attend, please do so. Please get there by 10:00. Thanks for all that you do.


Walk In Day - February 17

The Superintendent's Office in conjunction with CFT are asking us to have a Walk In day where we all walk into the building together. The plan is as such:

At about 9:25 we will walk out of the building with as many student groups as possible and line up by Kellogg. We will hold signs etc... and then walk in the building together at about 9:30.

Unfortunately, it is a jammed packed morning. We will have ILT, data meetings, and other things happening. Please respect the times of these events. Keep in mind, this is a joint effort to support our school and public education in general. District officials are to be on hand to assist with this event.

We have to do it a bit later due to the fact that we have mandated data meetings that preclude us from doing it earlier. Please understand this issue.

Instructional Rounds feedback. WAY TO GO.....

There were many great things that our colleagues saw as they walked around the building. Specifically, they noticed some outstanding work with the following teachers:

In Social Studies in both Ms. Bohmer and Mr. Hess's classes, they noticed an increase in technology and student engagement. Ms. Bohmer was noted as being a model teacher in social studies, and Mr. Hess who went to a Demo Class is being outfitted with $100. of equipment. GO HESS!!! In English, they were happy to see that everyone was using text sets. They noticed particularly that Ms. Stehlin was using a Marzano's High Yield Strategy and Ms. Schnell did an outstanding job on the unit planning and was mentioned as a model for the district. In Science, they noticed what great relationships Mr. Strunk was establishing with his students, and Ms. Castell was using Google classroom and reviewing lab procedures. In math, it was noted that Ms. Wessel does an oustanding job with Ms. Hudson-Esptepp in co-planning and co-teaching. Although they visited the elementary classrooms, the feedback we received was for high school. We all look forward to seeing the elementary outstanding feedback soon. They did particularly noticed the use of text sets and all on pacing in our K-6 ELA classrooms.

Please hand in your sub folder today. We are still missing TEN folders. Please let that not be you!!!

State CWT information- NEW INFORMATION

As you have been previously told, we need to get into 50% of the classrooms daily. We are charting our progress.

One Negative Nancy about this process is providing teachers with feedback. We met with as an administrative team and decided that we would put a small sheet on your desk that is a "Why You're Awesome" sheet. It will list positives and challenges. If there are many challenges, someone will speak with you personally. If there are challenges for the entire school, we decided to put some helpful hints in the bulletin as a form of feedback. Keep in mind, we will be discussing our issues as a school in our BLT - or Building Leadership Team- or as we call it an ILT.

Growing and learning to improve our craft

As we are going through our state CWT's, we are seeing nearly 100% of our teachers including agendas as they teach their classes. Kudos....

We are noticing that one challenge that is being missed is measurable goals are being left off. Please remember what that should look like. We created the document below to help you remember. This is a key way that we know the students are clear about what they are learning. Additionally, this was noticed in the instructional rounds. Please remember this is a good practice. We also want to make sure we are engaging the students with this objectives so that they are not appearing to be just posters in your room. Your agenda and measurable goals should change and not be static from day to day and/or week to week.

Please use this document as a guide:


Staff Handbook and Flood Manual

Staff Handbook and Flood Manual. Please read both. Although not voting items, all are encouraged to provide feedback so that we can improve what we re doing.

Staff Handbook Link for Riverview Staff Only: https://drive.google.com/drive/recent

Flood Manual for Riverview Staff Only: https://drive.google.com/drive/recent

Please review and provide your Team Leader with feedback. We will discuss in ILT.

Student Led Conferences

Lead Teachers who serve as team leaders are asked to meet on 2/16 at 8:15 to discuss Student Led Conferences and how they could be improved and what we need to do differently for next time. Please note, we had an increase of parents and we need to move to more of an increase. Great job for the first time. We need to celebrate our success. Each team had about 20% parent participation if not more.

State Feedback from Quarter One and tasks for Quarter Two

As many of you know already, we are a Priority School. We are being asked to do certain functions necessary for this status. So that we can be compliant with the State's requests, we have created a walkthrough document that is similar in nature to the Instructional Rounds document. We will be sharing this in the bulletin and in email and in ILT. Basically, the coaches, Mr. Dearwester, and Dr. Harris have split the staff up and during the next two weeks, we will be in your classrooms to meet this state requirement. The results of our visit will be discussed in ILT where we will complete a BLT form - similar to the TBT form. Please review with your ILT representative.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind

So the district paid a lot of money for MyTomorrow signs. These signs are having challenges staying up on the walls. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT throw these signs away when you see them on the floor. Additionally, if you see them on the floor, send them to the office or rehang them. PLEASE DO NOT THROW THEM OUT. We have informed the custodial staff as well. Please talk to your classes about this to make sure students also respect the signs.

Staffing for next school year

Honestly, the administration does not want to see anyone leave, but it is understood when people make decisions about their career for family and other reasons. We are already planning staffing for next school year. If you are thinking of making a change, please let the administration know. Our best bet in getting quality staff is to recruit during the Job Fair. Again, it is not our desire to see anyone leave. Please consider what is best first for your family.
All preferential preparation bells will be eliminated next year. The prep bell for common prep will be rotated each year so that everyone will get an opportunity for a different preparation period. Elementary preparation periods will remain the same. This puts us in line with the CBA. Thanks to everyone who problem solved around this issue. Your Riverview Family appreciates your solutions.

ROUNDS: According to a meeting that Terri Wessel and Mrs. Myers went to, any person may apply for positions during any round. Round One begins on February 9th. Please be sure to follow the deadlines. There will be further info available to you through email and through Ms. Wessel, your Building Rep.

Professional Development Opportunities

Upcoming Mayerson Classes from the PD Committee:

Co-teaching Roundtable: Interested in learning about co-teaching. Here are some dates to keep in mind:

2/10/16: Instruction and Strategies

3/9/16: Instruction and Strategies

4/13/16: Data Collection

5/11/16: Becoming a Co-Teaching Model in Your Building