Union of the Comoros

Culture of Union of the Comoros

The people

The population as of right now is at 652,000 and is at a growing rate of 2.9% annually. Most people speek the language is French and Arabic, The friendly people are Sunni Muslims. They all have great sense of humors and bielve that nobody can change their additudes toward things. The outfits are mostly formal and are consirvitive.
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Customs and Countesies

It's not unusal for men to shake your hand as a greeting at any opportunity they have. Its considered improper for anyone to touch women out in public. Having a a imformal invite over to your house is a usual thing. They have three meals and the main meal is dinner like ehere in america, leftovers in the morning, the afternoon may include sauce-covered starchy food, and dinner always features a rice dish.
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A lot of familes will live with extended family, which ar emost common in large families. Comorians do not date in the Western sense, most socializing is destreet and if seen out in public people will think you are romantically involved. There diets are usually eating rice, fish, and greeen bananas. The most popular sport played is soccer and each town has a team that competes at a national level.
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The nationals president is Assoumani Azzali he is head of state and head of goverment. Comoros is called Perfume Islands because it has the worlds leading exporter of ylang-ylang. They have very little roads,but most are paved. Theres private unregulated "bush-taxis
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