Unit I Project

General Pencils and how they are made.

Without globalization, disabilities would be prevalent

This is the United States

  • General Pencils are located here.
  • They are located in Jersey City, NJ.
  • They have been manufacturing pencils and other drawing for 124 years.

Basic Materials

Cedar Wood




Metal Band, called a ferrule.

Synthetic Rubber

Potential Problems for Transferring goods & services

  • Wildfires, the cedar wood is located in California
  • Increase of pollution from synthetic rubber
  • Decreasing amounts of wood and metals, making prices go higher.

Potential Solutions

  • Thinning overgrown forests, taking out underbrush, cleaning out dead leaves, pine needles.
  • Making erasers from more eco- friendly materials.
  • Making wood-less pencils and using recyclable plastics to replace the wood and metals.

My Relationship with Globalization

I had moved when I was 2 years old to a safer neighborhood and a better school area. I used to live on a main road. The geography of where we had lived wasn't safe for little kids. My little sister had just been born and we had needed more space, that had been what prompted us to move. My sister has disabilities, without globalization we wouldn't of had the resources or the people to help us get my sister help. In the future, I will try to make sure that others know how lucky we were. Globalization, in turn, has helped my family and others like us get help to make their disabilities less permanent.