The Salem Witch Tryouts

Kelly McClymer

Poster and review by Rebecca Maier

This book is about a cheerleader named Prudence Stewart. She is half witch and half mortal. Having not to practice her magic, she has a hard time fitting in at Agatha's Day School in Salem Massachusetts. This is an awesome book full of adventure,suspense, and fun. I hope you like this book.

About Prudence

Prudence is sixteen years old. And was head cheerleader at Beverly Hills, California. She had a hard time when she gets to Massachusetts at a 400 year old mansion, where a horror writer lived. Prudence has to go to a private school for witches like her.

Her cheerleading career

What she did for cheerleading at Agatha's didn't make the head cheerleader happy because Coach Gertie likes Prudence more than Tara. Tara is jealous of Prudence because her techniques that she used at Beverly Hills and she said that her old school went to Nationals for Cheerleading and they might go to Nationals too.
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