Night of the Twisters

by:Ivy Ruckman


All of the characters in the book are

Dan Hatch-main character

Arthur Darlington-Dan's best friend

Linda Hatch-Dan's mom

John Hatch-Dan's dad

Stacy Darlington-Arthur's sister

Ronnie Vae Darlington-Arthur's sister

Aunt Goldie- Dan's aunt

Belle Smiley- a neighbor

Ryan Hatch-Dan's little brother

Grandpa Hatch- Dan's grandpa

Grandma Hatch-Dan's grandma

problems and solutions

problem:Mrs.Smiley was not answering her phone

solution: Mrs.Hatch went to check on Mrs.smiley to see if she was OK

problem:Dan could not find his parents after the tornado

solution:Dan would not stop looking for his mom until he fond her


I am older now so I know what red letter and black letter days are red letter days are good days but black letter days are very bad days. The worst black letter day i ever had was June 3, 1980. It was a regular day my mom was watching TV the weather man said that there was a 20% chance of a summer storm. "yea right," said Mrs.Hatch.Then the sky was greenish today. Then Then Arthur and Dan were riding there bikes and the wind was very strong so hey went to Dan's house. Mrs.Hatch was trying to call Mrs.Smiley but she was not answering her phone. Mrs.Hatch went over to Mrs.smiley's house to check if she was OK.Mom (Mrs.Hatch) Told Arthur and Dan to get a blanket and a flashlight just in case.Tornado Then it all happened the started you heard the sirens BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! Arthur told Dan to get Ryan and come down stairs. They got everything and went downstairs. Then Dan heard a voice in his head it was his Dad!! go into the bathroom shower. It was the safest place to be!! so Dan told Arthur get into the shower it is the safest place to be!! then the tornado was right above their heads!! Ryan was crying the shower was filled with water!! after a long time in the tornado it stopped. But then they realized that they were stuck in the basement with no food!! Right at that moment Stacy yelled Dan Arthur Dan Arthur!! Stacy got the boys out and Dan went looking For his mom and finally found her!! Mom and Ryan went to K-mart while Stacy Dan and Arthur went looking for Mrs. Smiley . they found her and got her out of the basement.Then Dan Stacy and Arthur got a shelter. then there was a second tornado. after that Dan went out looking for his family. At the end of the story Dan finds his family they go home and Mr.Hatch (dad)f says 'Where going to have to live on the farm for a while.'


  • Nebraska, Grand island: Dan and his family lives in Grand island, Nebraska.
  • police office: After the tornado Stacy ,Dan, and Arthur get taken to the police station.
  • Dan's house: The tornado happens when Dan and Arthur and Ryan are at Dan's house.
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