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Do one thing this week

With so much going on at the moment, exams, coursework deadlines and planning for next year, this weeks "Do one thing" is to just reflect on your year. What has made it such a success? What have been the challenges and how have yo overcome them? It is so important to reflect as sometimes you get bogged down with things and you forget the difference you have made.

You could go one better and actually record it for posterity!!!!!!!!!!!


Apple Distinguished Educator

I have had a few people ask me what this is and why it is om the bottom of my email so I thought I would address it here. Basically as part of my own development and engagement in teaching and learning in the 21st Century I decided to apply to Apple to be an ADE to further my own development. The process involved being extremely reflective on my practice and how I have helped other with their development both internally at CAB but also further afield. Below is my video that I also had to submit, and a link to a much better explanation of an ADE.

iPads and teaching

IPads at CAB

Links to excellent uses of technology in your classroom

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Below are some articles that have been shared with me via Twitter. Some great tips on things you can do in your classroom, ideas about pedagogy and inspiration to develop your teaching and learning. Teachers are starting to keep blogs of their own learning which can become a hugely valuable resource for other teachers.