Integumentary System

Jenna Peterson 1st period

Functions of The Integumentary System

Hair, skin, and nails are parts of the integumentary system. The system helps regulate body temperature by letting extra heat leave the body. It also helps protect the body from dehydration caused by loss of water, it protects the bodies internal tissues and organs from injury, helps excrete waste from the body, and it protects the body from sunburn.

Images of Skin, Hair, and Nails


Shingles is a rash that appears on the skin. It is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox, somebody who has had chickenpox already has the virus in them. Symptoms are itching, burning, and numbness, and after a week, fluid filled blisters appear. To treat shingles antiviral medications are used. Ingrowing toenails are often caused by improperly cut toenails and bad fitting shoes. Ingrowing toenails can be very painful, and the pain will increase if infection occurs. Some treatments would be hot water soaks, cutting nails square, and antibiotics. Warts are bumps that appear commonly on the hands and feet. They are caused by viral infections, and they are treated by causing mild irritation. Often by freezing them, using liquid irritations, and using lasers.