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Monthly Tips to add a Little Pizzazz to Your Classroom

Tech Tuesdays

Free and easy - My motto for technology. Stop by the Media Center any Tuesday before or after school in December to get more info on any of the Tech Tips mentioned this month. You know . . . It's a short month, stop by any time. If I'm not with a class, I'll help any day.


Create flyers to be shared online via social media or by emailing them to your intended audience. (Did I mention this newsletter is a Smore?) Your flyers can have pictures, videos, text, links to websites, and so much more. You will also be able to see how many people look at your flyer and follow the links you provide.

Click here to see a video about making a Smore. If you'd like help, stop by the Media Center.


Padlet is an online wall for you and anyone you invite to post text, pictures, videos, or documents. This is one of my favorite Tech Tools! Try it for yourself by going to:

Ideas for using Padlet in your class:

* Graphic organizer

* Essential question – students post answers

* Pre-assessment

* Ticket out the door

How to use Padlet