The Burning of Luther's Bible

by Fariana Malik

Who are the people involved with this disaster?

The Roman Catholic Church was involved with the burning of Luther's Bible. The victims where the people who can't read Latin because now they have listen to what the Pope is saying and they wouldn't know if the Pope is saying the right thing or making things up.
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What are some specific actions that lead to the disaster?

Some specific actions that lead to the burning of Luther's Bible is the 95 theses. When Luther first heard about the church selling indulgences, he got really mad because he didn't believe that buying a ticket with money was a pass to go to heaven. So Luther wrote 95 reasons why selling indulgences was wrong. After he was done writing them, he went over to the church and posted the 95 theses to the church door. This got the Pope really mad and wanted to get revenge on Luther. Also when Luther first came out with the German translation of the bible, this mad the pope furious because now the people who couldn't read Latin bible could now read the German bible and not listen the Pope and learn from the German bible. The Pope didn't like this because now he wasn't in control of what people believe or learned and he didn't like that, he wanted to be in control.
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Events related to this incident.

  • 1788, Shakespeare's King Lear was banned from stage because of the insanity of the reigning monarch.
  • 1817, German Students chose the 300th anniversary of Luther's 95 theses to burn anti-national texts literature.
  • 1929, Jack London's popular novel "Call of the Wild" was banned in Italy and Yugoslavia and burned by the Nazi in German.
  • 1933, Series of massive bonfires in Nazi German burned thousands of books written by Jews, Communists, and others. Some were works of Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Jack London, Thomas Mann, Karl Marx, and John Dos Passos.
  • 1980, During examination of school learning materials, the London Country Council in England banned the use of Beatrix Patters Children's Classic from all London schools because the stories only portrayed " middle class rabbits"

Where did it take place?

At first it took place at the Catholic church because that is where Luther posted the 95 theses to the church door because he was absolutely against the idea of selling indulgences, also this is where the Luther bible was burned.
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Why did the Catholic Church do this?

The catholic church burned the Luther bible because it didn't like how the people who couldn't read Latin can now read the bible and no longer needs listen to the pope speak. The pope was not okay with this because he wanted to be in charge and tell people what he wanted to say and didn't want people to learn from a book.