Computer Hardware

2nd Year ICT


A drive is a device which stores information when the computer is not in use. It saves work in the drive and when you come back to it the next day it is able to give back that saved piece of work. A drive had a lot of moving parts that caused the computer or laptop to be very thick, however a solid state drive (the new invention) is much smaller and thinner and can make the computer much thinner.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)


CPU is basically the brain of the computer, it processes information using a device called a microprocessor. The microprocessor is a small chip.


The monitor is the divice in the computor that displays the infomation. A monitor displays output to you.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM standing for random access memory, is the most common type of memory for computors and printers it can be accessed randomly. The RAM is basically memory for saving documents and presentatons and stuff like that.
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The motherboard is effectively the component that holds all the different things in the computor such as the memory and the CPU and all of the connectors. It is the most important part of the computor it is where all the componets are held. The motherboard also contains a fan to cool everything down because it can get very hot, in divices like iphone the fan is not needed.
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Optical Drive

Optical Drives is another way of storing infomation eg. on the front of an xbox or ps3 the divice that takes in the disc and reads the infomation
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