Who I am

Without music, life would be a mistake

where I am going...

My job is a dancer. A dancer is some one who goes and trys out for plays or other things like that.

This job salary is $14.16 hourly.

This jobs is in the arts cluster.

The work schedule will very on were you work at if you are a dancer.

this jobs work enviorment depends on were you work at becuse you dont know where you are going to work.

Something interesting about my job that I have picked is that dancers are athlets becuse that do a lot of things that athlets do.

How do i get there???

my goal is to go to juilliard the school of perfoming arts and music.

I would like to go to juilliard the school of perfoming arts and music located in N.Y.C. The location of this school is new york city. the adrees is 60 Lincoln Center Plaza in new york city.

I chose this collage becuse it is the school of art and music and dance. This collage dose have programs for dance and music. This collage is far from home becuase of were it is locacted.

You have to have training to get in to this collage. you can not major in two this for this collage you can only do on.

a couple of scholerships I hope to get when I go to this collage is A dancer scholership and a music scholership.