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Best movie this Year

Brain Jack the movie after Brain Jack by Brian Falkner is an action packed thriller based on a 17 year old man Sam Wilson joining the CDD to help stop viruses. As Sam and his partners are going through challenges. See if they can stop this virus from creating human extinction. Watch to the end and see if they SURVIVE!!!

"Lets go invent tommorow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday"

Steve Jobs

Help Wanted

I am with the CDD and we are looking for the best of the bezt hackers to join us in helping the world stop viruses. If you are a really good hacker we will be haveing a contest to see and to help us pick off people one by one. Just call 18876465CDD for all the information.
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I need some advice


I need some advice. I have a gaming addiction and i have lost all of my friends because of it. Can you please tell me what you think and what i should do to get them back or make new friends.

Man with gaming addiction

Man with gaming addiction

I sugest that you follow these 3 easy steps

Step 1 : Get out of the house and dont even think about gaming

Step 2: find some other friends or get a hold of your old friends

Step 3: meet them somewhere and talk about something new in your lifes.

or just go to councilor.

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Blind man can see with neuro

One man from Dallas Texas was blind until someone came out with neuro headsets. He is now one of the happiest person on earth. He is so glad that he can see now. The man hed an interview with us and we found out he went blind when he was only 6 years old.