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January & February 2015

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AEX in the Know: Tech, Apps, Articles, Media

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AEX Updates

Undergraduate Academic Services

Thanks to everyone in AEX who assisted with another outstanding STEP workshop. We could not do it without all of you! If you are working with students on Academic Probation, there is one key change to the Academic Probation (P1) Contracts. Beginning with Spring 2015, all students are required to sign an Academic Probation contract that includes a calculated GPA to return to good standing as well as a GPA for significant academic progress. The Significant Academic Progress GPA on their contract must be met or the student will face dismissal. This GPA is non-negotiable. That means if the contract states they must earn a 2.567 and the student earns a 2.500 they will face dismissal. Students will still be provided an opportunity to appeal the dismissal if they had extenuating circumstances. This is the same GPA that Financial Aid is using for SAP Appeals in their office. This change means that students are working toward one very specific GPA for both offices. All students who have filed an SAP Appeal with Financial Aid are required to submit a copy of their signed contract to the Financial Aid Office. Students on Continued Academic Probation (P2) and STEP students will also be held to the required GPA stated on their contracts.

Center for Student Learning

Lindy Coleman is taking a group of Peer Leaders to the Southeast CRLA Symposium on February 7th to present a workshop on the Peer Leader Program! Melissa Thomas is presenting at FYE (preconference institute on Using the Science of Motivation to Engage Learners and a concurrent session on Sneak Study Strategies: How to Teach “Learning” Throughout Your Course.) Lindy is also serving on the planning committee for the newly formed South Carolina College Learning Center Association conference that will be June 12th in Rock Hill, SC. And we also want to note that Casey Sweeney just celebrated her one year anniversary with the CSL!

Center for Excellence in Peer Education

We now have three peer educator programs that are certified through CRLA’s IMTPC Program: FYE Peer Facilitators, REACH Mentors, and CSL PACs. FYE has been certified for several years, but REACH and CSL added IMTPC Certification within the past year. All these students receive initial mentor training with Page in TEDU 205 (under the umbrella of the CEPE), and their ongoing training and supervision is managed by their supervisors: Jennifer Bradley, Betsy Harper, and Lindy Coleman.

You can find out more about IMTPC at


We welcomed 288 students and 104 family members during January 2015 orientation. This orientation also marked the addition of the very first spring convocation! Before we begin to gear up for summer orientation 2015, we always take a moment to celebrate our current interns and their hard work through an awards banquet. This year, the following awards were given:

Intern of the Year – Rebecca Drewry

Outstanding New Intern – Kat Witcher

Outstanding Veteran Intern –Katie Kirchoff

Spirit Award –Carly Harward and Kelli Smiling

Pickle Award (outstanding customer service) –Devon Schmolk

Helicopter Award (for great work with parents) - Victoria Thompson

Hard Hat Award - they went the extra mile with the physical work –Kola George

Jamarvelous Award – Dylan Mazelis

Cool-Calm-Collected award – Ansley Pope

First Year Advocate– Chris Pennebaker and Katie Fary

AEX Staff Spotlight- Shannon McKenzie; Assistant Director of Undergraduate Academic Services


Sitting down with Shannon for the AEX spotlight was a real treat. I already knew Shannon as the talented instructor of AEX yoga, but it was nice to delve deeper into who she is as a person and professional. This woman has done some cool stuff, y’all! She started her higher ed career as a student at University of Kentucky, where she pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma. Right out of undergrad, she worked as a flight attendant for United Airlines; she was hired because she spoke Russian. From there, she taught English as a second language back in Kentucky. Along her journey, she began dating her now husband, Mark. With Mark, they journeyed to Auburn University, where she pursued a Master’s in Sociology, while he attended vet school. Fast forward years later and several moves, and Shannon and Mark land in Charleston, where she received her M.Ed. in Counselor Education from The Citadel. She and Mark have a nine-year old daughter, Ainsley, who loves to dance. Read on to find out more about this multi-gifted AEXer! *And don’t forget to join us at the next AEX yoga class—for all levels*

1. Top goals for AEX/your position: Early warning. She would love to see this position be able to truly reach the students before crisis occurs. This is already happening with the help of so many amazing people on campus, particularly AEXers, but she would love to see it expanded.

2. Most challenging part of your position? When she is not able to provide solutions for a student’s personal problem that is interfering with his/her academic work. Shannon has faced many situations where students have their utilities cut off, or they cannot make class because they have no one to care for their child. It is equally heartbreaking and frustrating to not be able to solve those types of issues for the students, and to see them fail as a result of family and/or financial issues.

3. What is the most important thing for a college student to experience at CofC? Experiencing a true challenge, even if that means failing, and being able to pick up the pieces and learn from the experience. To further illustrate, I stole this quote from Shannon’s Facebook page : “If you treat an individual as he is, he will stay as he is. But if you treat him as if he were, what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.” -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

4. What are you currently reading? Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick. This text provides the theory to help Shannon have a collaborative conversation style for strengthening the student’s own motivation and commitment to change. MI is a partnership where it is done “for” and “with” a person.

5. Favorite restaurant(s) in the Charleston area? Coda Del Pesca on Isle of Palms: her go-to special occasion spot!

AEX Birthdays

January: Allen Coleman (REACH) 1st; Karee White (NSP) 9th; Mary Trent (AAPC) & Nora Krasowksi (REACH) 21st

February: Maylin Hill-Taylor (NSP) 6th; Lindsey Pogar (REACH) 23rd; Shula Holtz (CSL) 25th

AEX 'e'ncouragements

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