All About Teaching

Lexi Burk


Out of the many things there are to know about teaching, three of the most important are education, salary, and work hours.


  • Complete high school
  • Enrollment in college
  • Bachelor's degree program
  • Teacher certification program
  • Eligible to apply for licensure


  • Middle School Teacher earns an average salary of $43,529 per year
  • Usually the older you are, and how long you’ve been teaching will depend on how much money/salary you receive
  • Hourly rate is usually around $17.81 for a middle school teacher
  • The bonus, which is an amount of money added to wages on a seasonal basis, is about $2,430.


  • Teachers aged fifty and older who were employed full time worked more hours per week than teachers who were younger
  • Older teachers work 6.7 more hours than teachers in their twenties
  • The average work hours per week are ages 20-29: 37 hours per week, ages 30-39: 36 hours per week, ages 40-49: 40 hours per week, and ages 50-59: 42 hours per week