GOAL Newsletter 2-12-16

February Upcoming Events:

15th No School Monday- President's day

19th Friday- Club 321 Valentine Dinner

27th Saturday- Gator Gala

This Week in GOAL

Bible Study

  • Joseph in Egypt
  • Taking care of each other

Essentials of Good Communication

  • Where?
  • Who?
  • What?


  • Rice Krispie valentine gifts

Social Skills

  • Social interaction secret code activity


  • Heart idioms like "know by heart"
  • Spelled various valentine words

Green Teams

  • Went to Home Depot to buy bulbs and items needed for Gator Gala projects
  • Planted herb seeds

Creative Arts

  • Used pry bar and hammer with safety gloves and goggles to take nails out of pallets
  • Put NEW heart creations in the GOS gift store

Community Skills

  • Went to Braum's
  • Chose ice cream flavor
  • Worked on table manners
  • Had fun!

Expressive Literacy

  • Worked on valentines
  • Completed valentine boxes


  • Wii Sports
  • Wii Dance
  • Walked on the track

Skills for Independence

  • Reviewed hygiene
  • Delivered valentines/name recognition activity


  • Heart candy sorting and graphing


  • Created Valentine cards

Media Works

  • Made a Thank You card.
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