What's For Lunch? Pizza!

By:Maya Hazan


Pizza is a very popular and known food. Have you ever wondered how pizza started,though?


In the origin,the tomato made way to Europe as the pizza did to the United States from Italy. When it is ready,the pizza will come out of the oven and ready to eat.


In the process,they toss the pizza in the air to shape it. They add sauce and cheese to it. You may also add toppings if you want.

Interesting Facts

Now for the interesting facts! Did you know that pizza started as a plain flatbread? Or that chefs in Poland made a pizza as long as 3,000 feet long? There's such thing as peanut butter and jelly pizzas! People once thought that tomatoes were poisonous. In Europe, they have pizza cones.


Pizza's cycle can be very interesting to know and see. As well as to watch and learn. We hope you didn't get to hungry reading this article! It is a mouth watering adventure.
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