Andrew Jackson

Lit or nah?🔥 By: Sophie Noble

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson wanted to close off the national bank. He was the type of president who can relate to the middle/ poor class and wanted to do whats right for them. The wealthy people where taking the tax money from the lower class give keeping it for them selfs. Jackson didn't like that so he vetoed the bill and closed down the national bank.

"Spoil System"

Jackson told his old friends and old class to vote form him. If they told people to do the same and help Andrew win the friends would get hired by Andrew Jackson and work in the government. The wealthily people got mad at that because they where more experienced with the law and government. The middle class is going to run the government and they didn't even get trained to work there. At this point in time the government is not in good hands!

"Trail of Tears"

The "Trail of Tears" is whenever the indians got kicked out of their land. Jackson put them in a "nice" spot in Oklahoma. The trip was very long and sad with kids, animals, and everything they need to bring to their new land to make a home. During the trip there where americans navigating them to there new home in Oklahoma. The indians could of fight them but they decided not to because the they didn't want to start another battle.

Political Cartoon

In the cartoon Andrew Jackson is pretty much the owner of the Indianans. He is like the parent to the adult. The children have to listen to the parent so that s what the Indians are doing, obeying Jackson's rules, laws, and what he says. The Indians are sad and could be mad but they aren't fighting. Then Jackson is looking all like a dictator and ruling the people.
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Cherokee Letter

Dear Newspaper people,

I have experienced first handed the terrible job of our president Andrew Jackson. Im just a little Cherokee girl. He made our whole tribe walk a very far distance to a new place called Oklahoma. American man helped us on the way but they were no help at all. We wanted to fire at them and we were armed but, we didn't want to start another battle with them. My tribe is nice enough not to shoot them for all the stuff their president did to us! The point is that president Jackson is a meanie and should not rule your country.

With much love,

Sophie (little cherokee girl)

Factory Man Letter

Dear Newspaper people,

Im in love with our new president!!!!!! Andrew Jackson relates to the people (like me) in the lower class. Whenever he took down the National Bank, that helped us so much with financing and tax. Also I got a great job because of him! I am now working at in the government! To be honest though I have no idea what I'm doing, I just nod and do what I'm told ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


A very happy worker man