L7 Cultural Discussion DUE

すいようび (suiyoubi-Wednesday)- Mar 11, 2015

Today's Important Info:

(◕‿◕) おはようございます!きょうはすいようびです。

TODAY, continue to do your best! Make sure you submit all your missing work ASAP.

Your L7 Cultural Discussion is due. Please don't forget to submit that assignment on time, by 11:59pm TODAY! As well as all the 2 comments required.

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House in Okinawa, Japan

This is my grandparents house who lives in Okinawa, Japan. My grandpa (おじいちゃん or おじいさん) built this house. :) He's a carpenter, but is retired.
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Awesome Video about Japanese Houses! ^o^

At the bottom of the video, please select ひらがな, and English translation to learn more. ^o^

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