Mobile Apps for a K-12 Classroom

Apps to incorporate in a classroom!

One of My Favorites

QR code app/ generator

It increases student engagement: instead of having to copy crazy long URLs from the board students could get to the website just by taking a picture. Teachers could also incorporate messages through the QR codes and tasks around the class to make it fun, for example they could even create a scavenger hunt.

The app for creating the website is here:

and students can just downlad the QR Code reader for free.

Mobl 21

Mobl21 helps students to be aware of what is due, have access to what is learned, and allows for a diversity of students to learn. Click the youtube video to view more



It reveals stories and ideas of different places and allows students to directly connect events that were happening at that time with the geographical area.

Comics Head

Allows for creative ways of presentation for students and for learning
Create comic strips,Storyboards and other exciting creations using Comics Head app


PicCollage enables students to express themselves and their identity through this app. Its a great way to start a lesson: by getting to know the students.
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