The Truth Behind Vaccines :O

By: Harrison Misemer

The issue

Recent break out of autism and other diseases have been blamed on vaccines. some people say it is because they have evidence and other people say they are wrong. its a constant battle between who is right and who is wrong. now you must decide if you are for vaccines , or against vaccines

My opinion

I do not trust vaccines . you will get worst disease if you take them. Vaccines has minimum research. They don't care about people, but they do care a whole lot on money! vaccines create measles, which is very contagious. And doctors have proven 1 and 6 children get autism from vaccines.

Side effects on vaccines

  • 1/1000 will die from measles
  • learning disabilities
  • 1/9 has Esma
  • not aloud to go to school without a vaccine
  • given to babies that have not developed immune system
  • 1/6 kids get autism
  • motor neurons
  • seizures
  • old timers

Doctors do not inform parents and forces on vaccine

doctors are giving kids vaccines without telling the parent whats in it and what is the cause and effect. In Texas, all school girls were to have a vaccine. over 1200 refused and summoned them to court for a meeting, but the building was surrounded by dogs and police officers with guns. The Texas mayor then said " any parents that don' t vaccinate there child, will be going to jail".

The dealiest stuff in vaccines

Babies without imune systems

Doctors in the USA are giving babies vaccine shots and these babies are barley half a year old. 60% of babies are effected by this and most will get sick from whats in the vaccines.

The other side

  • helps your body to be sick in the future
  • vaccine is harmless
  • vaccines do not cause autism
  • helps build your immune system
  • helps develop immune system
  • saves children from many diseases
  • stops out breaks