Unhealthy snack choices

What can we look for to make healthier snack choices

Ice Cream

Anything that tastes as good as ice cream does can’t be good for you, and as it turns out one of the reasons to avoid it is the high levels of cholesterol it contains. While one serving might not get you there, many of us don’t stop at one serving, and it’s very easy to over eat.


Even the Girl Scout Cookies sneak some trans fat in, despite a label that says “trans fat free”. check to see if your favorite store bought cookies are made with partially hydrogenated cooking oils, chances are they are including Chips Ahoy and Keebler, although some brands like Oreos now use “high oleic” oils instead so they can provide shelf-stable cookies at a reasonable cost.

Packaged Chips

The more flavoring a chip has, the more MSG and other artificial ingredients you can expect it to have. It’s hard to come up with exact numbers of how much MSG they contain, because it’s not required to list it on the Nutrition Facts. while Monosodium Glutamate might be near the bottom, a different substance may be closer to the top.