As a veterinarian you need college,skill,and training.


Veterinarian are required to complete a 4 year doctor of veterinary medicine (DMV) program. Also you need to go to an undergraduate school. You should accomplish your undergraduate degree before you start applying to veterinarian colleges. In college you will study animal physiology and atanomy, biology, zoology, animal science, chemistry, and microbiology. The first 3 years of college students will be in a classroom, or laboratory work, or clinical practice. The fourth year is spent at a animal hospital or clinic so that the students can get experience in. Veterinarians also are required to obtain a veterinarian license and to get them they have to take the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam.


To be a veterinarian you need to have good interpersonal skills with the clients when treating the animals. Need to have good physicial endurance when there are physically challenging work days. Adequate strength to restrain an animal if the veterinarian would need to. You will need to have very good patients with the animals you're working with. Also you should have good emotional strength because you might have to treat a animal that was beaten on. You will need to have a good maturity level so you can make the best decision for the animals.


Veterinary experience spent either working with or observing/shadowing a trained veterinarian on the job. To gain more experience go volunteer at an animal shelter, or find office work at a veterinary clinic. The more experience and training you get well help you become a better veterinarian. It also gives you better working knowledge with animals. Training and experience will help you decide on what type of veterinarian you want to become.


What sort of training do you need? 4 years of DVM program and undergraduate school.

What sort of skills do you need? Interpersonal skills, good physical endurance, adequate strength, good patients, emotional strength, and a good maturity level.

What is all involved with this career? Treating animals, diagnosing dysfunction, diseases, using preventative measures, surgery, sophisticated technology, interacting with the animals owner.

What is the job outlook and salary? Annual wage of $96,140. Scientific research, development, and employment services industries are the highest paying employers of veterinarians,paying a average salary of more than $127,000 per year.

Why do you want to go into this career? I want to do this career because I like animals and interacting with them. I also like taking care of animals and helping nurse them back to health.

What might people not know about this career? Some veterinarians conduct research on animals in effort to prevent humans from contracting the diseases that are carried by animals. Most veterinary schools examine courses taken in the last 3-4 semesters closely.

What does a day in the life of this career look like? Interacting with the owners, treating animals, prescribing medications for animals, performing surgeries, and setting fractures.