Checkered Flag Cheater

By: Will Weaver Made by Dakota Deemer

Content And Summary

Checkered Flag Cheaters, is a great book if you like dirt track racing. The book is about this boy who is racing for a team called Team Blu's. At the begging Trace Bonham was driving home to Minnesota. On the way home he started thinking about racing and he says" keep the pedal down and hope noting happens ahead" (Weaver 3). All Trace can think about is driving his super stock. They travel to different tracks and race. Team Blu and Trace are very committed and hard working with the car and Trace to get the set up correct, make sure the cars up to date, to make sure all the correct parts are on tight and to be buying the parts and gas and motors for trace to run all the different tracks and to be a contender. With every win on the track and every one protesting from all teams to drivers that he won with and illegal motor. Trace fully notices that his winning is due to more the just his driving skill. And he knows that with his girlfriend back home he's not playing it straight.



trace said" Damn its too late" ( Weaver 27) this quote represents me because I have done this many of times were you have to be up nut you ever sleep it and then you become late and get yelled at we can all say we have done this more then once cuase we all know we love to sleep. Well most of us do