Here is your checklist to start your business off right!

*Your USERNAME is your replicated website name! www.(yourusername)

*Login to your Cloud Office (far right top of navigation)

*Listen to Mauria's Cloud Office Training Call
605-562-3149 access code 316341#

*Signup with Payoneer (select Direct Deposit and set your checking/savings account information)

*Read the VIP Getting Started Steps (top of HOME Page in your Cloud Office)

*Checkout the Company Updates and Leader Updates (Midway down in your Cloud Office)

Listen to the Thrive Experience Product Call



Following the Simple System

1. Share your website and ENROLL them for FREE...Get their information, sign them up! This is an all access pass to checkout Le-Vel!

2. Share and invite everyone to like the Facebook Le-Vel FAN PAGE:

3. Share the Company's Recorded Call: 641-715-3659 pin 137907#

4. Get your newest Potential Promoter or Customer on a 3 way call with your DIRECT UPLINE! (Let your upline lead the call) Utilize the add call feature on your phone and then merge your potential and upline together.


Take the capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, 20-40 minutes later drink the lifestyle premium shake and then apply the DFT to calf, bicep, shoulder or upper buttocks. When starting the product, it is recommended to start with only 1 capsule to make sure there is no sensitivity to these raw, pure ingredients. It is important to rotate the DFT and not put in the exact same spot to avoid irritation. The DFT can get wet and can be worn during showering and bathing. It may be worn for 24 hours, then remove it and replace with a new one.

Remember don't try to be a product expert! You are simply a promoter of something that has worked well for you! We always say.."the thrive experience really can't be just has to be experienced!" Remember DO NOT make medical claims or guarantees. The thrive experience is simply bridging nutritional gaps and we are finding lots of people are LOVING their thrive experience! It's simply helping them live the life they deserve!

Get your FREE Conference Call Line

*Go to and set up your FREE HD # (this will be your permanent # that you can pre-recordfrom now on as well as host rally, team and leadership calls & FREE)

*Rally Call to be held within first 48 hours of signing up & create a Facebook invite so you can blast out to EVERYONE!

*Your direct upline & 200K will rally around you and support you by getting all of your family and friends on a 10 minute call that you don’t even have to lead. This is going to explode people into VIP 800/1600 fast. It also gets your feet wet on how to host a call so you can help your newest promoters. We call it a RALLY Call because we are highlighting YOU (newest promoter) and building excitement for all of your connections PLUS you will receive an email from freeconferencecallhd of everyone that listened in on the call so you can follow up with them for being a part of your excitement! In all reality it doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 50 people on the call because you will record it and be able to send out to EVERYONE!


Hi There, Thank you everyone for taking a few minutes to be on this call and learning a little about Le-Vel and supporting ___________ (your newest promoter) as she shares her Thrive Experience. I feel absolutely certain that you are going to hear something that will make you very glad that you made this call!

Simplicity is what the Thrive 8 Week Experience is all about. You get up in the morning and take 3 simple products within your first 20 to 40 minutes. That’s as complicated as it gets!!

1st ​It starts with the Thrive Lifestyle capsules on an empty stomach as soon as your feet hit the floor.

2nd​Then - 20 to 40 minutes later - the ultra-micronized shake mix

3rd​Our Derma Fusion Technology, aka “THE PATCH” the world’s ONLY wearable nutrition!

As they say, “Thrive is difficult to explain. It is something that you must experience for yourself.”

Your direct upline gives their Thrive Experience in 60-90 seconds then goes into company info (next paragraph)

One of the reasons I absolutely love Le-Vel is we are so ahead of everyone else in product and technology. We are 100% cloud based with no parties, no overhead therefore all money is put into the amazing products and our promoters with the opportunity to earn up to $660 in bonuses in your first 14 days just for sharing the product with friends & family and everyone can earn Thrive for FREE every month by referring just two people which is so amazingly easy to do.

NOW INTRODUCE (newest promoter) have them give short sweet Thrive Experience. Once they are finished you highlight a few things they said and introduce your 200K leader.

I would like now to introduce our 200K leader…. 200K leader gives 60-90 seconds testimony and passes back to your direct upline.

As you have heard, Le-Vel has products that can greatly improve the quality of life for you and your family, not only health and energy wise, but financially as well. I want you to get with (newest promoter name) now and let her enroll you for free so you can take a look around at the website and get started on your very own Thrive Experience. Thank you so much for learning more about Thrive & supporting ____(new promoter name). This call is officially over.

VIP 800/1600

Here is what you need to do in your first 14 days:

--Enroll 2 NEW customers that make an online order ON AUTO-SHIP of $100 or more

--Enroll 2 NEW promoters that purchase a PROMOTER PACKAGE ($100, $200, $400 or $800)

--THE TOTAL OF THE FOUR ORDERS NEEDS TO BE A COMBINATION OF $800. It can be any combination of 2 auto-ship customers & 2 promoter packs, they just have to equal $800.

VIP 800 Examples:

Example 1

1 auto-ship customer Lifestyle pack + DFT =$150

1 auto-ship customer Lifestyle pack + DFT =$150

1 promoter pack $400

1 thrive upgrade pack $100

= $800 in total volume sales to reach VIP 800

Example 2

1 auto-ship customer Tone Pack + DFT =$190

1 auto-ship customer Lifestyle Pack =$100

1 auto-ship customer Lifestyle Pack + Rest + Ultra DFT =$224

1 promoter pack $400

1 upgrade pack + activate =$246

=$1160 in total volume sales to reach VIP 800

Example 3

1 auto-ship customer Lifestyle Pack + DFT =$150

1 auto-ship customer Lifestyle Pack + DFT=$150

1 thrive upgrade pack $100

1 starter upgrade pack $200

1 starter upgrade pack $200

=$800 in total sales to reach VIP 800

Example 4

1 auto-ship customer Lifestyle pack + DFT = $150

1 promoter pack $400

1 starter pack $200

= $900 in total sales to reach VIP 800

Example 5

1 auto-ship lifestyle pack = $100

1 auto-ship Lifestyle Pack + DFT = $150

1 VIP Pack = $800

1 Thrive Pack = $100

= $1100 in total sales to reach VIP 800


*Your PERSONAL ORDERS do NOT count towards your VIP

*Your promoters or your customers FIRST INITIAL order will count towards VIP (any additional orders placed by them will not count towards VIP) Ex: Sally ordered a $200 upgrade pack initially and then the next day decided to order $100 in additional products. Only the $200 pack will count towards VIP not the additional $100!

*The minimum qualification for VIP 800 is 2 promoters with upgrade and 2 customers on auto-ship with a total of $800 in sales. If you need more to reach $800 in sales you can absolutely add another auto-ship customer or another promoter with upgrades. NEW MONEY/NEW PEOPLE

*Promoters must purchase an upgrade package for them to count towards VIP. (Individual items will not count however if they purchase upgrade package and add individual items it will count towards VIP) Ex. Purchase $100 Thrive upgrade package then add DFT in individual items, which will count at $150 because you purchased a promoter pack.

*If one of your customers refers a new customer on auto-ship it will count towards YOUR VIP.

*If a customer converts to a promoter during YOUR VIP period, that existing customer volume will go away (you will have to replace with a new auto-ship customer for VIP)


*When you sign up a new promoter they are going for their VIP as well and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY with your direct upline to duplicate so they can hit VIP as well!

*Watch YOUR LIVE VIP TRACKER on your Cloud office home page! It is your lifeline for the next 14 days.

*Do NOT go by your qualifying volume in your dashboard during your first 14 days only look at your VIP TRACKER/GRAPH

VIP 1600/Duplicate VIP 800 a second time within your 14 day period!

MUST WATCH & LISTEN Duplication 101 link

Big image

Two for FREE

*When you refer 2 customers that place an order on auto-ship - you'll earn FREE PRODUCT!

- The average of the TWO highest customer auto-ship ordersis what you earn. Ex: Susie orders the Tone Pack w/DFT and adds the balance on April 10th; her total is $230..... John orders the Lifestyle Pack on April 20th, his total is $100. 230+100=$330 the average is $165

-On May 2nd you will receive the average of the top 2 highest auto-ship customers loaded in your back office under commissions Le-Vel Credits. You can use these credits **on your next order** YOU can give to you YOUR own customer or promoter any level down on your team.


Big image

Fastest way to LEARN

20 MINUTES A DAY - for the next 20 days!!

--Take 10 minutes a day for the next 20 days and explore your website!
Don't login - just look at all the top navigation drop downs so you know where to send your friends & friends.

Take 10 minutes a day for the next 20 days and explore your CLOUD OFFICE.
Log into your CLOUD office and explore! Use the left navigation to see what is there and where to find it! Read the COMPANY UPDATES and LEADER UPDATES!

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Smart Sampling

*When starting your business you will be asked for samples etc. so please listen to the recording in regards to smart sampling.


*Business Cards, Signage, Brochures (all Le-Vel approved)!

Generic Answers

What is the Thrive Experience in 60 seconds.

1. It's a simple 3 step system that fills my bodies nutritional gaps all within the first 20 minutes of my day!

2. It is a premium all natural supplement made from superior raw plant extracts designed to fill your nutritional gaps and get your body back to operating at it's peak performance.

3. My happiness that gives me natural energy and feel good all day long.

4. This is something you have to experience to believe how amazing it is! A simple system absorbed through your skin and is the worlds only wearable nutrition.

Text or private messages to send out

1. Have you heard of Thrive? Give me your email and I will show you!

2. Hey Sally, looks like your keeping busy this summer with the kids – I remember those days. Wanted to let you know of our newest product rest that was just released in May. I am very impressed and know you would love it. Here’s some more info on it and let me know when you’re ready to start. (insert rest pdf)

3. I'm sure you have heard me talk about this thrive thing. And I really would like for you to just try a trial pack. I love the simple products for energy, immune support, weight loss etc and I think you would like them, too!

I would like to send you some information (no obligation, just your email) about them. And I'll put you In a drawing for a free month. You okay with that? Super appreciate it.

Follow up

1. Thanks so much for your email. I have set you up a free account with Le-Vel and you should have probably received an email from them.

For your reference, your free referral website - you can give to people to see what this thrive this is all about is..
Username and password JohnS123
Feel free to click on that link and watch the short video. Very informative!!
Thanks so much for joining my free network. I'll keep you posted on upcoming specials!!

2. Hey Sally my upline is running a huge promo for newbies today and I thought how great this would be for you to get started! (Tell them promo, what it is, value, and how to order) I know you'll wish you started sooner!