Infographics project

Britton Calhoun

Choosing a Computer

Buying a computer. Find something that you want and that is not that much money.

What software do I need. Make sure that its legal for you to get it and not a lot of money.

Family computer. Ask for help for some suggestions and what you want.

Cloud computing. Information is not saved on your computer.

Wireless communication

Photos gone viral. Don't send a picture of your self on the internet and not knowing whats going to happen after that.

Coverage issues. When you are roaming that means you are out of your coverage zone which means you would half to pay for your text or a phone call if you want it to go through.

Texting and driving. When your texting and driving at the same time you could injure your self. Let someone text the person you are texting or let the person talk to them. There are consequences when your doing texting and driving.

Internet Resources and Credibility

Responsible Technology Use. Make sure that you are not doing any thing that you shouldn't do on the computer.

Plagiarism.You cant just copy every word that you are looking up for a research or a project for school or something else. You half to use your own words.

Credible Sources. Look at the sight and make sure that the page is right with grammar,and the spelling.Also .com,.org

The viral world

Secure attacks. update your computer and tell an adult if something is happening.

The viral internet.Use the internet wisely and not for bad things.

Secure social networks.You must have a parents permission and 13 years old if you want to sign up for a social sight.

Viruses attack. Viruses are hard to see get removal program to get the virus from doing anything else. Check your email closely cause it could been from the virus.

secure sites. Don't go to a buying shop/store on the computer if it doesn't have a lock icon on the left side of the screen.

Identity theft. When someone is using your account like a hacker tell a parent or the person that made the website.

Creating Multimedia Projects

Content protection. The picture/video that you are going to post on like YouTube ask for the person if you can use the picture/video.Tell an adult of what happened and limit contact of the bully.

Viral downloads. Don't download something on some ones laptop cause there might be virus in their laptop and its copyrighted.

understanding copyright. people can make copyrighted things like the same songs,movies,images can be copyrighted in a different way.

Digital Relations and Respect

Digital Emotions.Tell the person to calm down before that does anything on his/her technology so that the person says anything back to that bully.

Cyber bulling myths and facts. people that deal with that their grades will suffer and you will get in trouble for that.

Harmful should never be used for evil things and for cyberbully should never happen. It will make the people feel bad of what you did to them even make them rage.