Helen P.


Dolphins live all over the world in oceans. Some dolphins even live in rivers. Dolphins like to live in warm water.


Dolphins are mammals. They have two flippers, a dorsal fin, and a fin on the back of them. These body parts help the dolphins swim. Dolphins can breath by their blow hole. Dolphins to not breath underwater. So, they go up to breath in air. Dolphins have a beaklike snout. They are smooth and rubbery.Also, they have flukes.


Dolphins have sharp teeth so, they eat meat. Some of them are fish, squid, and shrimp.

Life Cycle

The first thing that happens in the dolphin`s water cycle is that the mother dolphin haves a baby live birth. They are called a calf. The mother dolphin feeds her baby with her milk and she keeps it safe. Next, when the calf grows older , the mother teaches her dolphin how to hunt for fish. Lastly, the dolphin stays with her mother for two to three years. Now the dolphin is perfect.

Fun Facts

One fun fact is that dolphins work together to catch a lot of fish. The second fun fact is that dolphins can talk to each other by making sounds from their blow hole.