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Chignahuapan comes from Nahuatl and means " About nine waters." It is a city located in the northern part of the Mexican state of Puebla.

In pre-Hispanic times, the region occupied by the current municipality of Chignahuapan was inhabited by Totonac peoples from about the seventh century AD. C., getting to exert control over the region until the tenth century However, during this period there was a coexistence between peoples Totonac, Nahua, Otomi and Tepehuas.

During the conquest of Mexico, Hernan Cortes granted permission to chichimeca chief Chichimecuatehuipil to settle in the region. This founded the population of Tetehuitic, (Mount pyramids) as surrender site of worship of the god Mixcóatl. Later in 1527 he founded the town of Santiago Chiquinahuitle, (nine waterholes). Shortly after they arrived Franciscan missionaries and established this place as a center of doctrine and evangelization. In 1874 the population was called Villa de Chignahuapan.