Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

August 24, 2017

What is going on-

Writing: We will continue to review the parts of the writing process-brainstorming, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing.

Reading/Social Studies: We are continuing to establish the routines, habits and the foundation of our Reader’s Workshop. We are continuing to build stamina in our independent reading and how to choose books appropriately for one’s self. Students will also be learning about “schema” or background knowledge. Students will analyze what they know, their prior knowledge, can help them understand and create meaning when reading new books. At the end of the week ask your child to explain the following connection codes: T-S, T-T, and T-W. (Answer: T-S=text-to-self, T-T=text-to-text, T-W=text to world)

Math: Student will continue learning about and making graphs. They will know the 5 parts that make up a graph- title, number, categories, and 2 labels.

Science: It’s all about science safety! Students will learn our science safety expectations and the importance of keeping a science journal.

Friday Lunch Pick up for Second Grade Teachers- Please view the signup genius below! We love our parents for this! We love a lunch out on Fridays! It makes us so happy!

This and that...


Upcoming Dates: Please come to our Parent Information Night on Tuesday! It clears up so much and gives you the 411 on Second Grade! We are a team this year and this way we can back each other up concerning homework, grading policy, behavior policy. Ya know the fun stuff.

  • Parent Information Nights: 1st Session 5:00-6:00 2nd Session 5:40-6:40

    • August 28 K & 5

    • August 29 1st & 2nd

    • August 31 3rd & TAG

    • Sept. 5 4th Grade 5:00-6:15

  • Sept. 1 Whole School Assembly

  • PTA Club Night-Sept. 7

  • Sept. 4 Labor Day Holiday

We are needing donations for next week: If you can donate- please send me an email about what you would like to donate to the class! I really appreciate your consideration.

-Broccoli florets (The best will be the pre-cut in the fresh veggie section of HEB. They come in a steam-able bag.) (enough for 21 students) (Mrs. Narayanan)

- Large Brown paper bags. (enough for 21 students)

- 1 box of baking soda (Mrs. Powell)

- 1 large bottle of contact lens solution (Mrs. Jardine)

- 1 box of food coloring (Mrs. Powell)

- 4 bottles of glue (Mrs. Moolan)

- 1 box of bandaids

I have enjoyed getting to know your precious jewels this week! I hope they are loving school! Get some rest and hopefully I will see you Tuesday evening!

Have a good weekend!