All about cheetahs

Tori Fitzmaurice


Did you know that cheetahs are the fastest land animals? And cheetahs live for a long time in their life.


Cheetahs can run 70 miles per hour to help them catch their pray. They like antelope and other animals. They also sneak up on their prey so their prey doesn’t run away from them. Cheetahs need enough food to live just like us.


Cheetahs body's are flexible so they can run fast. Cheetahs body's have dots and not stripes. But they do have stripes on their tails. Cheetahs have long legs. They are 7 feet and (2.1 meters) long.


Some cheetahs live in suvanus. But some don't live in suvanus. Cheetahs roam their habitats. Also a lot of cheetahs live in africa but some don't live in africa.

Life Cycle

Cheetahs live mostly 10 to 12 years. Female Cheetahs give birth to five or three cubs. Cub cheetahs do not get left alone when they are cubs. Also cheetahs don't lay eggs instead they are born without a egg around them.

Now you know a lot about cheetahs I hope you liked learning about them go to this website to learn more about cheetahs and other wild cats.