Fear of Being Alone: Phobia

By Caitlin Thompson


Loneliness is an emotional state, even thoughts of being alone makes people insecure, anxious and scared. We all need people in our lives no matter what, but there are some who need people more than others. For example, if there is a situation where you can't handle things on your own and you are all alone, anxiety might occur. I know this because personally I am afraid of being alone. I like to have some one there at all times knowing that I can get help. There is a difference between relying on someone and just having a back bone.

Some people get a phobia for being alone, mainly by being away from their loved ones and family members or friends. This could also be classified as separation anxiety.


1. Anxiety

2. Panic Attacks

3. Suicide

4. Drug Addiction

5. Alcohol Addiction

6. Chronic illness


Treatment of Phobia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy.

Relaxation and stress techniques, like meditation, or a Therapy group. Getting in a group and talking about what your afraid of helps a lot because there are surprisingly many more people than you think that could relate to you. Or at least be able to talk you through it.