Special Education Teacher

By: Brianna Cipolla

Career and What They Do

The career I chose to explore is a special education teacher. I chose to explore this career because I like children and I like to help others. I also what to explore this career because I get to do a lot of fun activities. People with this job help children with learning disabilities. They do paperwork to show the children's progress and what is expected of them.

Education and Money

You would need a bachelor and need 5 years of masters for every subject and topic. You would need 5-8 years of college. You would make $32,000 when just starting. With 4 years in you would make $52,000. With 5 years in you would make $53,500. To be a special education teacher you need experience with children with autism and a teacher that worked with them for years.

More information about this job

There is 450,000 jobs in the United States for special education teachers. This job will probably become more popular because social media is so strong in sending messages and people will decide to help. Some jobs that are similar to this job is a teacher, speech therapist, and more. Autism awareness month is April and the color is light blue. There is no way to help autistic children that can't speak