Taking It To The Streets

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A photo journey of my day.

This past Saturday's "Taking It To The Streets" event, held in Allen Library on The University of Washington campus, was a collection of diverse, interesting, and unique speakers and opinions. The group which consisted of college professors, graduate students, and members of political advocacy associations (protesters), shared their unique experiences regarding how their organizations function, and how they became part of their respective movements. In addition to many academics from the University of Washington, including Dr. Jim Gregory of the History department, and Dr. Matthew Sparke, who you may recognize as the author of chapter 3 in Seattle Geographies, there were members of The Tea Party and the Occupy Seattle movement.

The University of Washington campus on the warmest day of the year!

The Taking It To The Streets Exhibit.

There was a great discussion about organizational structure. Doctoral candidate, Sheetal Agarwal discussed both the Starfish and the spider models. Not to be outdone, Tea Party co-founder, Jenny Beth Martin announced that Clarence Thomas's wife told her about that book, and it was because of her that it became popular!