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what it is

RAM is a random access memory. they are basicly storage for you computer. also you can buy them from amazon.
RAM, stands for Random Access Memory, and it is what make your computer run smoothly, and programs run smoothly too, (i.e.) You have 2gb ram(2,000mb ram) system files use about 100mb, so you only have 1,900 to use, start up programs use about 200mb, so that's only 1,700, Firefox uses about 30. So if all your RAM is occupied, what is recommended is either putting more in or closing some unnecessary programs. Hardcore games, use about 2gb of ram so if you had 2gb and were hardcore gaming, you would need more, gaming PCs have about 4-8 GB ram, the video ram, is the ram used for watching videos(or using something 3d)... pretty self explanatory