Leaded Glasses

The clip style markers are used when using portable imaging

Discussing Types Of Markers Used In Radiology

In Oregon, medical facilities depend on radiologists to capture films of organ systems, bones, and muscles. The x-rays show the underlying condition that is causing pain or discomfort for patients. The images could also help diagnose life-threatening conditions quickly. An online supplier offers high-quality Xray Markers used in radiology.

Why are Markers Needed by Radiologist?

The markers are used to identify the patient, the radiologist, and the date in which the films were obtained. As the films are collected, the markers are used to identify which side of the body is presented in the final image. The products also identify the angle in which the x-rays were taken as well.

Clip X-ray Markers

The clip style markers are used when using portable imaging machinery. The clips are necessary when affixing the marker to any cassette or media used to store the images. Among the practices that may require the markers are ultrasound results obtained in the patient's hospital room. Ultrasound imaging is used to diagnose organ-based conditions and to monitor a fetus.

Elite Classic Markers

The elite xray markers are the standard use selections needed when collecting x-ray films for doctors. The products show which side of the body is presented in the films. The markers are manufactured with lead to increase their durability and reduce the effects of constant exposure to radiation. The coloring of the markers won't fade easily, and the products will last for several years before they need to be replaced.

Copper Backed Markers

The copper backed markers are beneficial with greater KV settings. Copper is a more durable metal and won't become damaged at higher concentration levels used in radiology. Hospitals choose the markers when they must further contract is needed for the images. The copper markers won't burn regardless of the kilovoltage used in the imaging practices.

Wafer Thin X-ray Markers

The more compressed markers are used when bucky markers could lead to serious issues. Newer radiological devices that don't have the same clearance as standard x-ray options use the thinner markers to ensure clearance of the x-ray device itself. Thicker markers could interfere with the final results of the x-ray services.

In Oregon, radiology specialists provide vital services for medical facilities and doctors. The findings of the x-ray images obtained by the radiologists could help the doctor render a proper diagnosis. When x-rays are obtained, the radiologists use markers to identify several aspects of the images. Hospitals that want to learn more about x-ray markers are encouraged to contact Kemper Medical right now.