Author: Raina Telgemeier


The main character , Callie, in the book Drama, is brought to life in many ways through characterization. Callie seems to really like Greg even though he is:

a) A grade older and

b) Trying to avoid her as much as possible! There is another little boy that takes over her emotions, her little brother Richard! Greg brings out the good and silly emotions, and Richard mostly brings out the anger and depress. These are some examples that I thought were good examples. In conclusion, the main character, Callie, in the book Drama, shows who she is in many ways through characterization.


I am going to read pages 194-195. Theses significant pages make the reader realize why Matt has been rude lately.


The theme of my book, Drama, is: Anybody can make a negative situation into a positive situation.


After Callie and Greg kissed Greg goes back to Bonnie and attempts to avoid her. Then towards the end of the book he tries to play it off saying he made a stupid mistake and he promise it won't happen again. Once Callie heard that she was very agitated. She just pushed him aside and walked away because she thought he was ridiculous.

Another good example was at the part where Callie had a final talk with Jesse before summer. She really liked him and if he was to like any girl, it would have been her too.

Figurative, Sensory, and Descriptive language.

In the book Drama, there are many examples of figurative language. One example is at the part where Callie and Liz are talking about Greg, when her brother, Richard, walks in. The author writes

"YOU FUZZBRAIN! I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF MY ROOM!" This is figurative language because he isn't really a fuzzbrain. I chose this example because it's exaggeration and a metaphor. Another strong example is at the part where auditions are about to begin and Jesse tells Justin to "break a leg" which is a rhetorical statement for actors which means " good luck!" In conclusion, There is a lot of figurative, sensory, and descriptive language in this book.