TYRA Beauty is all about BEAUTYTAINMENT

Tyra Banks is mobilizing an army of bona fide, badass Beautytainers who are ready to be the CEOs of their life by selling TYRA Beauty products. She is charge with shaking up the world of direct selling and wants future entrepreneurs like you with that same passion to revolutionize the beauty industry. We wanna transform how people see, use, buy and SELL makeup. We're all about people looking and feeling fiercer than they've ever thought possible, whether it's making makeup dreams or making money dreams come true.

I’m a business, man. And YOU can be, too!

You ready to get your badass BEAUTYTAINMENT on?

Let's DO this!

First things first....before you scroll ANY this quick 5 minute video so you can see this amazing product, ready, set... GO!

2, 4, 6 Minute Tyover - Tyra Beauty

Why TYRA Beauty?

First, it's TYRA Banks! Hello? She's amazing! And, she's third party credibility for us! Not only that, she went to Harvard to get a certificate from the Owner/President Management Extension Program just to prepare for this venture! And then she hired some of the top direct sales developers/marketers in the industry. She definitely knew what she was doing when she put this plan into motion!

The products are amazing! I absolutely refuse to back anything I don't love or believe in. My kit arrived not too long ago, and I have not used anything else since. This stuff is super simple, fun, but also high quality. I have never been complemented on my makeup as much as I have since I started wearing my TYRA Beauty (and that will never get old!). A huge reason I joined was for the 25% discount that Beautytainers...I mean, who doesn't love discounts on makeup?

The Comp Plan is unheard of! I was involved in another direct sales company, and I saw people making BIG money but by the time I joined the market was pretty saturated and I was working hard for not a lot of pay off. There was a flat commission rate and a really confusing "team cycle bonus" that never seemed to pay out. When I saw the TYRA Beauty Comp Plan, my jaw hit the floor!

  • First, with just over 2,000 Beautytainers in the entire country, our market is wide open!
  • The minimum commission rate on personal sales is 25% with the potential to earn an additional 5% or 15% bonus on personal volume! Seriously? That's amazing!
  • Plus, you don't have to have a high rank or a ginormous team to start earning team commissions, you just need to be 'active'! That's it! Beautytainers earn a minimum of 3% on team volume and Bling Beautytainers and above earn 5%!
  • Those that are Bronzer and above also get a share of the 'Hook-up Bonus!' This is money that is collected from those that order directly from without going thru a specific Beautytainer. Rather than keep all the profits for themselves, TYRA Beauty distributes the commissions quarterly to Beautytainers!
  • AND, we get credit for full retail PVs...most other companies only give PVs for the discounted price but not TYRA Beauty!!!

Why now?

Timing is EVERYTHING! TYRA Beauty is in 'pre-launch' right now. We don't go live until September. What that means for us is that anyone who signs up during this period will FOREVER be known as a FOUNDING Independent Beta Beautytainer with TYRA Beauty, which I think is pretty darn cool! We can say we've been here from the very start!

But, more importantly, it means that the market is WIDE open right now! Remember earlier when I said there were just over 2,000 Beautytainers? In the ENTIRE country? Timing will win out over talent every. single. time. in this biz. We are seriously in a millionaire dollar zone right now...what you decide to do with that opportunity is up to you. Not only that but the makeup industry grows at the rate of 4-5% each year, period. Can you say potential???

What will you do with extra income? Quit your 'day job?' Retire your husband? Buy a car? Go on those vacations you've talked about? Pay off student loans?

We have the right timing, we have the right leadership, and we're in the right industry.

Why I joined Tyra Beauty!
Heather Marques - Why I joined Tyra Beauty
My "WHY"

But I'm not a salesperson??

But I'm not a 'sales person'

To that I say neither are we!! My team is full of realtors, teachers, nurses, stay-at-home-moms, students, and business owners...we even have an MBA and attorney on board!! It's not about 'selling' but about sharing something you love with people. You already do this everyday! Think about it. Just saw a movie you liked? Tried a great new restaurant or amazing new beauty product? I bet you shared it in some way. Maybe on Facebook or Instagram, over the phone, or in person? You're already 'selling,' so why not get paid for it???

TYRA Beauty is a multi-channel marketing company. That means you can:

  1. Direct people to your TYRA Beauty website to order,
  2. Order items to have on hand to sell directly to people in person (i.e., 'cash 'n carry),
  3. Host online or in-home showings/parties,
  4. Get salons to sign-up as Beautytainers on your team and watch your team/organization volume skyrocket!

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You are not in this alone

Even though TYRA Beauty is a fairly new company, don't think for a second that you'll be left to your own devices! Tyra has set up an entire back office for you, called your Backstage, that is full of videos, documents, and pictures you can share on social media to promote your biz and your product. This is also where you find product info, how-to's, and up-to-date company/product news so you can stay in the 'know' and get the word out ASAP when something fierce is coming.

PLUS, if you join my team, you'll also be added to our Facebook pages so you can stay connected with your team members and uplines, ask questions, get support, and share tools. We run some pretty great incentives and play some awesome games too so it's not all business, there is a lot of fun involved in this as well (i.e., raffles, trivia, challenges, etc...someone recently won a Coach bracelet!)

What's the bottom line? How much can I really make?

The answer to that question is, it depends on how much you put into your biz. This is your race at your pace. It's ok if you want to do this part-time, and it's also ok if you want to put in 60 hours a week. It's whatever you want it to be.

What I can tell you is that you'll have a team of amazing Beautytainers training, supporting, and guiding you along the way, a Backstage full of social media tools at your dispense, and the Tyra Banks name on your product, which really piques people's interest.

For specifics on earning potential, check out the Career Plan and watch the TYRA Beauty Compensation Plan video below. I've also included a few FB posts from fellow Beautytainers who have been racking up those bank$igns and earned a trip to go meet Ms. TyTy herself in September! Don't think this will be the only trip/incentive of it's kind, this is just the beginning!!

Tyra Beauty Compensation Plan
Ready to sign up???

Click here to become your own CEO!! Or connect with the person who sent you this link...

Right now, the start-up fee is $49 (I mean, seriously? Who can start their own business for $49???) and the start-up kit is $100 (I say 'right now' because this is the beta phase price, after we launch in September the start-up and kit cost will increase). The kit is a one-time opportunity, and it's an INSANE deal!!! I highly recommend you grab one!

The kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to get your biz off the ground....

  • One 6 Minute TYover
  • One Oops Liner
  • Two 2 Minute TYovers (you can sell these and recoup some of your start-up costs!)
  • And business swag: blitz cards, catalogs, and a coupon towards your first purchase in the 'Werk the Hallway' section of the Backstage (where we nab t-shirts, business cards, and other TYRA Beauty paraphernalia).

AND you get 100PVs for ordering the kit!!! That puts you three-quarters of the way towards active right off the bat! Again, what company treats you better than TYRA Beauty?!? If you grab a What Lipstick? (24 PVs) and a Stick with Me Spritz (26PVs) or whatever other combo of items you want to get your hands on that equals 50PVs or more, you'll be 'active' immediately! And your 25% discount will apply right away!

Here is a list of PVs. Just pick out a combo that puts you over 50, and along with your kit, you're golden!

Still on the fence?

That's ok! Let's chat!!! You can connect with me, or the person you sent you this link, to get any additional questions you may have answered. We are here to help!

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