English I Poetry Project

Jalen Spooner


Jim Daniels

My brother kept
in a frame on the wall
pictures of every motorcycle, car, truck:
in his rusted out Impala convertible
wearing his cap and gown
in his yellow Barracuda
with a girl leaning into him
on his Honda 350
on his Honda 750 with the boys
holding a beer
in his first rig
wearing a baseball hat backwards
in his Mercury Montego
getting married
in his black LTD
trying to sell real estate
back to driving trucks
a shiny new rig
on his Harley Sportster
with his wife on the back
his son in a car seat
with his own steering wheel
my brother leaning over him
in an old Ford pickup
and they are
holding a wrench a rag
a hose a shammy

My brother helmetless
rides off on his Harley
my brother's feet
rarely touch the ground-
waving waving
face pressed to the wind
no camera to save him.


The tone of this story is that it is reminiscent, love and sad. It shows a character looking back at his brother's life. The brother had a love for cars, trucks, and motorcycles through out his life. In the end of the it is sad because what the brother loved most kills him.


The theme of "Wheels" is that what you love can kill you. In the story you see the love a brother has for automobiles. And how it over the years in is life no matter what changes automobiles are still with him. But at the end of the poem motorcycle, the thing his loves most is the cause of his death.

The Train of Life

Sir Edmund William Gosse

WE traced the bleak ridge, to and fro,Grave forty, gay fourteen;While yellow (A) larks, in heaven's blue glow (A),Like laughing stars were seen,And rose-tipp'd larches, fringed below,Shone fabulously green.

And as I watched my restless sonLeap over gorse and briar (B),And felt his golden nature runWith April sap and fire (B),Methought another madpate spunBeside another sire (B).

Sudden, the thirty years slip by,Shot like a curtain's rings (C)!My father treads the ridge, and IThe boy that leaps and flings (C),While eyes that in the churchyard lieSeem smiling tenderest things (C).


The tone of this poem is reminiscent and happy. It shows a man thinking about back when he was fourteen. He sees where you used to play when he was young boy. And all the fun he had growing up and what he experienced in his life. Also that he was happy growing up around this area.


The theme of "The Train of Life" is that time does really fly by. It shows a happy young boy playing in April having to time of his life. In a blink of an eye his thirty years have gone by and he is forty-four year old man watching his father about to die.