Blue Bell Recall

By: Jonathan Lee

Basic Info. & Description

Recently there was a nation-wide recall of the famous Blue Bell products because supposedly they were causing the spread of a harmful disease called Listeria. Illnesses in two or more states have been linked to some of the ice cream being contaminated by Listeria. The disease can be fatal and this can cause a lot of problems. Three people in Kansas died from the disease and the CDC reported the link to Blue Bell a few days after. There have been reported at least seven other cases.

Extra Info.

This Blue Bell Recall was the first recall the company and product has had in its 108 year history. The President of the company said that they are committed to doing the right thing so they are going to recall all of their products until they can be sure that all of their products are safe for consumption. It has now suspended all of its production in the plant they have in Oklahoma. Certain famous Baseball teams have said that they won't serve Blue Bell to their fans for a while. This whole thing is probably going to weaken their sales and their customer trust, that is if they even get the products back out there.