Thursday Brief

October 10

Weekly Calendar

ThursdayOctober10Report Cards Go Home

ThursdayOctober10Funtrackers Atkinson, Falany, A. Morgan, Ready, Jackson, McAliley, Ames, CooperGood Choice

ThursdayOctober10NAS Fire Department Demonstration on Campus (See Schedule)3rd Grade Only

ThursdayOctober10Running Club Try Outs4th Grade

Thursday-ThursdayOctober3-10Book Fair

FridayOctober11Funtrackers Fordyce, Tweddle, Messina, S. Morgan, Robinson, Steward, Kaspar, ClarkGood Choice

Monday-FridayOctober7-11Fire Prevention Week

MondayOctober7Homecoming Parade


MondayOctober14Columbus Day

MondayOctober14Brooke Stone Birthday

TuesdayOctober15Fall Pictures

WednesdayOctober16National Boss's Day

ThursdayOctober17Dyslexia Awareness Day-Wear Red

ThursdayOctober17Dyslexia Awareness Night (District)7:00 PMElementary Library

FridayOctober18Ruby MendozaBirthday

After School or Before School Tutorials

The second six weeks has started. This means you need to start offering either before or after school tutoring to your students. Please let Jeanine know what day and time (before or after school) you are offering your students tutorials. Make sure you keep a log of the students you see.

This can be for RTI purposes or just homework help.

Targeted Improvement Plan

We are a school that has a targeted improvement plan with three prioritized focus areas.

1)Develop campus instructional leaders with clear roles and responsibilities.

2)Objective-driven daily lesson plans with formative assessments.

3)Data-driven instruction.

Some specific areas in this plan that teachers can help with are the following:

1) Post objective on board daily in student friendly language. Refer back to the objectives often and make sure the students are making those connections.

2) Have a thorough understanding of your TEKS by individualizing grade level lesson plans and making them your own before uploading them to Google drive.

3)Be prepared for weekly PLC meetings. Bring critical information to share about the lessons, how could the objective be taught better next time or what went well this time? What resources allowed students to think critically for themselves? Etc...

4)USE US and USE DMAC as your resource with data and helping students make progress.


As a SBDM team we did identify several barriers and of course TIME is our biggest barrier.

Another barrier, especially this year, is the variation in levels of students. So differentiation is a key.

Thank you so much for all you do. It is a challenge we know. PROGRESS. It is my GREATEST HOPE FOR ALL OF MY STUDENTS!!!!!!! Even if it is in the littlest thing these days...


Please remind your students to clean up after themselves in the cafeteria. It's been pretty messy lately!!! Also, there's been a lot of seat saving. Tell them they may not save seats. They need to just sit down where there is space.

Bluff Buy Donations

Thank you for the Bluff Buy donations. Please donate as you get any items! We always can use donations :).

September/October Pictures Video

Please add any pictures here from September/October for my November Newsletter video. Make sure students are good for public. Please include pictures from Dot Day, Constitution Day, Parent Orientation, Patriot Day, anything else fun :).

Formal Observations & Informal Walkthroughs

I am only missing a few formal observation dates. I will start informal walkthroughs in all rooms next week YAY!!!! I will schedule them or I never can get out of this office. Just decline a walkthrough if you have a conflict when I schedule it.


Please email Nadine if your emergency lights were not working. We want to do one work order for emergency lights that were out.

Staff Halloween Luncheon

Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 11:30am to Thursday, Oct. 31st, 1:30pm


Join in on the Ghoulish Fun and Sign up for our Halloween Luncheon!
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Dyslexia Awareness


In honor of our dyslexia students, Flour Bluff ISD is asking all students and staff members to wear red on Thursday, October 17th.

Also, on Thursday, October 17th at 6:00 p.m. in the Primary/ Elementary Library, Flour Bluff ISD will be hosting a Dyslexia Awareness Night for Families.

We will have lots of information to share with all community members, such stories from dyslexic student & staff member, activities to do at home, information about Reading by Design (FBISD dyslexia intervention program), and free online resources.

We hope your family will be able to attend.

In addition, FBISD has created a website to support family members with dyslexic:

From Mrs. Villarreal

Deadline to complete the Red Ribbon Week door decorating contest will be on 10/25/19. Judges will be here on 10/28/19 to pick the winners.

From Mrs. Cristan

In last week’s brief I communicated the events of our 1st perfect attendance recognition, we needed to

tweak it a bit due to the number of students.

  • Recognition is the Friday at the end of the day
  • Originally students were to meet in Commons area, but due to the number of students being recognized, we are moving it to the cafeteria.
  • They are getting popsicles.
  • End of the day last 20 minutes (we will make an announcement)
  • Invites will be sent out to students to inform them.
  • Fire drill on Monday, October 14th, at 9:45 a.m.

From Mrs. Hoover

  • ESL spreadsheet tab 2 due October 10th
  • Writing Benchmark 4th grade is October 22nd, accommodation pages will be sent out soon. Make sure to read and correct in a timely fashion. Come and talk to me if you have questions.
  • I am still working closely with HMH to fix the student/class issues. Hopefully, this will be corrected this week. I will keep you posted.
  • Interim assessment data is now available in DMAC.
  • Email what day and time you tutor by Friday, October 18th.

RTI Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 3-5pm

Nikol's Office

Sorry I had to move to a Wednesday again! Thursday is Halloween and these tend to run late!!!! Please RSVP and we will schedule a time.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.