Welcome to Ohio!

By Melody Brooks

Here are some conversation starters...

What is your favorite class in school?
Do you do any after-school activities?

What is your favorite movie?

Have you ever gone on vacation? *yes* Where?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I hope these can help you find some new friends!

All about classroom H-5

All of the special students have to stay in one classroom all together in one specific classroom for most of the day. For a majority of the time, we are doing basic addition, or watching movies. Something that happens when we are not in that classroom is that we are given an aid. They are someone that can answer questions for us in our other classes, and bring us to places in our wheelchair. They can not only become your friend, but also be very useful around school.

You may need some tips on how to survive Spaulding Street Elementary

One thing that you should do is make friends quickly (I would be happy to be one of your friends so then I can help you around) .Next, join lots of clubs! This can help because if you don't have friends yet, you can make more here. I joined the quiz team, and that helped me get close with some friends. Something that can help you in class is for you to study hard for test/quizzes. Something that can keep you safe is to not do something just because other kids are doing it. Finally, don't let any bullies bring you down, or get in your way or being who you want to be at this school. I hope that you can fit in very quickly at Spaulding Street Elementary!
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Some friends that you could make a Spaulding Street Elementary

There are many new friends that I have made at this school that I'm sure would love to meet you. I have gotten to meet them from after school activities, or just classes. Some of the people you could meet at this school could be Rose, Conner, MEEEEEEE, Rodney, Claire, Molly, Freddy, Maria, or even Katherine (my aid). You will get an aid of your own, and I'm sure that she will be your first best friend! Good luck with making new friends at this school!

Are you hungry?

Some of the best Sports Teams in the area

  • Cincinnati Reds (Major League Baseball)
  • Cleveland Indians (Major League Baseball)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (National Basketball Association)
  • Cincinnati Bengals, and Cleveland Browns (National Football League),

Depending on what sports you like, support that team.

Cerebral Palsy

This is a girl who is just like me, a little better, but is facing the same problems. You don't have to watch because it's about 15 minutes, but if you have extra time, please watch and see how she is treated by others with Cerebral Palsy.


Recognize anyone? All of these people are from Ohio!

  • Lebron James- He is a NBA professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavailers
  • John Legend- A Famous singer and songwriter
  • Katie Holmes- ATv and movie actresses
  • Halle Berry- She is also a Tv and movie actresses
  • Steven Spielberg- A Famous director for movies

Elvira Song

This was my favorite song when I was little. If you want to view the lyrics, then you can

click here: http://ptube.pk/watch/-qK-9eIF2yI/elvira-oak-ridge-boys.html